Nude Heels for Fall

by Nicholl Vincent

Nude Heels for Fall

Black, brown, navy, and gray are undoubtedly fall’s staple colors. Added to shoe collections each year are Pantone colors such as oxblood reds, acai purples, and emerald greens. But this fall season I am making a statement with a different color. Nude.



The most commonly worn heel color for women is black because black goes with just about any outfit. While a black pump is a staple shoe in any wardrobe, many women are neglecting the benefits of a nude heel. When you put on nude heels, you’re elongating your legs and giving yourself an overall taller appearance! This universally flattering shoe color can also:


  • Soften your outfit
  • Play as a neutral to match almost any outfit
  • Lighten a darker outfit


The trick when purchasing a pair of nude heels is to find a pair that matches your skin tone. That way your heel and skin blend together as one. This helps the shoes elongate your legs a few extra inches. And who doesn’t want that?


When it comes to styling your nude heels there are no rules! They can be worn with virutally anything! Check out the blogger photo compilation above. Helena, on the left, softens up her edgy leather pants with her nude heels. Next to her, Rachel, adds inches to her legs with a pair of pointed-toe pumps. In the third photo, Devon’s nude, lace-up heels are a great contrast to her dark blazer—her heels soften her look. Lastly, Alicia, on the right, wears her nude heels with a pair of boyfriend jeans. Her heels are the perfect nude color!  They blend into her skin to elongate her legs and dress up her otherwise cozy fall outfit.


And me? I recently wore this outfit to a dinner with girlfriends, and I loved the pre-fall style of it. The edgy mix of my white dress and black moto vest is balanced and softened by nude-color heels. My heels can be found here!




Don’t be intimidated by the nude heel—they can we worn with anything! Throw on denim, a skirt, a dress, or trousers—this nude neutral is a fall must-have! Cheers to longer, leaner, sexier legs!


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Photos: Helena courtesy of Brooklyn Blonde, Rachel courtesy of Pink Peonies, Devon courtesy of Devon Rachel, and Alicia courtesy of Cheetah is the New Black