NYFW’s Most WTF-Worthy Fashion Moments

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NYFW’s Most WTF-Worthy Fashion Moments

The most fashionable week in New York may have already strutted down the historic runway, but that doesn't mean we'll be forgetting these looks any time soon. From oversized jumpsuits to Snapchat filter-inspired makeup, NYFW 2016 won't fade from fashion's memory in the near future.


Studio 54 Meets Outer Space


Jeremy Scott Instagram


Jeremy Scott, aka MOSCHINO's Creative Director, always likes to incorporate pop culture into his iconic design. And let's just say that this year––he did a stellar, if not otherworldly, job for NYFW. We probably won't rock this Saturn ring dress any time soon, but it does earn points for the sparkly sequins.


Hazmat Meets Haute Couture



Do you ever feel like a plastic garment bag? Indie street wear brand hoodbyair gets you, quite literally. While we’re not sure just where you’d be able to strut your stuff in these looks, if there’s going to be a mess involved, at least you’re prepared.


It’s Shoelace, Not Shoe “Face”



There’s nothing we love more than a good jumpsuit or onesie, but seriously DKNY? While the minimalist bralettes are certainly swoon-worthy, the completely unnecessary head fringe is totally cringe-worthy.


These Dreadful Pastel Dreadlocs



Marc Jacobs may be one of our favorite designers of all time, but seriously, rainbow dreads? Even top models Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner look unrecognizable with their hairdos, but at least the rest of the collection was whimsical goodness.


Jungle Fever Booty Shorts



Alexander Wang did have one of the best runway shows of NYFW16, no doubt about it, but we’re not feeling the jungle fever motif here. Zebra booty shorts should never ever walk the Earth again, let alone New York’s most important runway.


When ‘Wild West’ Gets A Little Too Wild



Coach's SS17 show featured some of the most gorgeous studded handbags we've ever seen, but unfortunately we can't say the same for the clothing line. The suede trend may be pretty slick, but we just can't deal with the leather combo and miss-matched bows.


A Hot Pink Acid Trip



Yikes, Michael Kors. Neon pink trench coats, pink floral shirts AND orange argyle sweaters?! Sorry, but we just don't know in what world this is high fashion (unless you count a ride through Pepperland in the Beatles' Yellow Submarine, if you catch my drift).


The Jimi Hendrix Homage Gone Wrong



Wow. Just…wow. Catch Michelle’s Jimi Hendrix-inspired SS17 collection certainly pays homage to the late rock legend, but did it have to end like this? The striped pants are just about the only article of clothing salvageable from this style shipwreck.


This Feather Boa Fiasco



Rebecca Minkoff may be the millennial designer of the moment, but come on, a rainbow feather boa? Her styling is usually second to none, but even her chic fashion sense can’t save this Sesame street-esque look.


The Aztec Pantsuit Problem



Ralph Lauren’s NYFW SS17 show displayed some of the most gorgeous gowns of the season, but this Aztec-inspired pantsuit unfortunately does not earn high marks from us. We’re all for a fab power suit, but maybe next time nix the crazy print, okay Ralph?


The Bridesmaid Dress From Hell



Oscar de la Renta‘s eponymous fashion house creates the finest dresses around, but this hot pink mess is unqualified to join the ranks of the hundreds of other jaw-dropping gowns. Let’s all agree that pink satin ruffles and ruffly sleeves must belong to the ’80s, and there they must stay. Forever.


The Troll Doll Flashback We Never Wanted



There's no one better suited to attempt a fashionable Troll doll clothing collection than Betsey Johnson, but even her crazy-cool aesthetic can't fully do the hair-raising line justice. We love the neon colors and all, but just where would we be able to rock a fur sash and tulle skirt? Maybe it's possible in Betsey's world, but not in ours.


This Multicolor Jacket Mess



Tory Burch is best known for preppy, pretty prints that are now beloved style staples across the globe, but we’d dare to say this look might not be her best. But if we ever need a multicolored-denim-plaid jacket, we know just the girl to call!


This Incredibly Misguided Athleisure Attempt



Don't get us wrong, we LOVE that Tommy Hilfger is finally in vogue again (literally). But even the gorgeous Hailey Baldwin can't make this athleisure look utterly desirable. While we love the salmon color scheme and Americana theme, no one wears cropped sweat pant shorts anymore (we hope).


Silk Pajamas Unfit For A Sleepover



Anna Sui’s sense of style is known for its eclectic appeal, but this look exceeds even our wildest dreams. These silk pajamas might be fun to break out at your next adult sleepover, but we doubt you’d be able to get very far in those pom-pom high heels.


It’s An All-Denim Disaster



Oh boy, where do we even begin with this one? We give Claudia props for creativity and originality here, but this complete denim ensemble is by no means going on our bodies any time soon (unless we have a very important denim conference appearance, that is).