An Ode to Shopping

by admin

An Ode to Shopping

I am devoted to eBay.

On a whim, while “cruising” the Internet, looking for and thinking about hard-to-find items I’d like to own, I decided to click onto eBay, put a word in the search box, and see what would happen. What happened resulted in my purchasing sixteen items my first three weeks on eBay! Currently, I’m edging toward 508 auction wins.

First thing each morning I “hot foot” it onto eBay before work, while the coffee is brewing, to eyeball my personal page and check out the current bidding status. Never have I discovered so many different things to buy that I don’t need—and at bargain prices! Not only do people in the U.S. have things to sell, but worldwide; with a credit card and PayPal, one can buy anything from anywhere through eBay.

I started out humbly. I wanted to buy some tea things, especially tea and toast breakfast sets, for myself and a pal of mine. I furiously bid back and forth with some stubborn woman in Montana, but finally outbid her—ha!—to obtain my treasure. The sets were in California, so I cheerfully e-mailed the seller, and anxiously awaited a final price (shipping and handling). To my surprise, I got a cranky response saying the sets were so heavy that the cost of shipping was greater than the bid! Since then, I’ve gone on to buy a bread maker, six more and different tea and toast sets, four serving trays, wind chimes, hand-made book totes, a candy dish, tea towels, and cat slippers. My mammoth china cabinet went from nearly empty to overflowing, with tea sets of all colors and shapes, bringing my total to nineteen. You never know when you might need them.

Having a brainstorm, since I have a friend who likes the acorn motif, I went to the eBay search engine and simply put in the word acorn. I thought it would yield no results. There were 553 acorn items for eleven pages! I decided to search for ballerina-theme offerings, and that search yielded 1498 items for thirty pages. The real eye opener, however, was when I put the word “cats” in the search box and found 4608 items for ninety-three pages! eBay is the biggest flea market in the world.

If you are on my shopping list for Christmas, your gift is bought. I even lobbied my boss to do our “secret Santa” drawing at the July staff meeting—with no success.

The best part is that all but three items I’ve won have lived up to, or exceeded, my expectations. I was a devoted catalog and internet shopper, with my hometown traffic getting worse all the time, but even Yahoo! Shopping can’t compare with the bidding wars and bargain prices on eBay.

Gotta go, one of the auctions I’m winning has only four more hours until it ends, and I’m watching it like a hawk. I really have to have that cat motif brass candlesnuffer!