Oh No They Didn’t! Designer Items That Shouldn’t Exist

by admin

For fashionistas everywhere, Lady Gaga’s immortal lyrics are words to live by: J’adore Vivienne, la vie et moi. Gucci, Fendi, et Prada. Valentino, Armani too. Merde I love them Jimmy Choo. But if you yawn at the thought of yet another Birkin bag in your closet, fear not! These high-fashion designers believe no household item, from Chanel fishing rods to Louis Vuitton garbage bags, should be devoid of luxury. After all, one can never be too rich, too thin, or too decadently fabulous.


Chanel Fishing Kit



Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Give a man this $13,500 Chanel fishing kit, you’ll teach him the appeal of extravagant sporting. Or you could feed a family of four for a year.


Christian Lacroix Water Bottle



Bored with your Sigg bottle? You’re in luck; Evian teamed up with Christian Lacroix to make drinking water more glamorous. Choose from either the prêt-à-porter or haute couture design (for when you’re feeling extra bling-bling).


Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids



Cynthia Rowley’s brief foray into medical fashion started an odd trend of people wearing Band-Aids for fun. One _Esquire_ editor said, “Even if you don’t have a cut, bandages are a great way to make a [fashion] statement that doesn’t break the bank.”


Brad Goreski Toothbrush



We! Die! For Brad Goreski’s designer toothbrushes. Rachel Zoe’s better half teamed with REACH for a more bananas approach to personal hygiene. Now if only Snooki would make some GTL toothpaste …


Gucci 3-D Glasses



Always struggling between your nerd and fashionista sides? Gucci’s 3-D glasses solve that problem; now you can watch the extended Blu-Ray version of _Avatar_ (with director’s commentary, natch) in style.


Michael Kors Leg Shine



Perennially tan designer Michael Kors is the king of Fake Bake. Now you can attain his pumpkin glow with Michael Kors Leg Shine. Can you make it work?


Louis Vuitton Snow Globe



What does Santa get the kid who has everything? A Louis Vuitton winter wonderland complete with miniature VIP trunk.


Christian Siriano Kitchen Sponge



If the microbe colony growing on your dirty dishes is too fierce for a regular sponge, Christian Siriano’s kitchen-sponge line will do the trick. Too-cool-for-school hairstyle and hipster glasses are not included.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Tape Measure



From rain boots to iPhone covers, Marc Jacobs excels at slapping his name on random items. But this embossed leather tape measure takes the cake. Can Marc measure how much he’s diluted his brand?


Chanel Bicycle



Rumor has it Courtney Cox once purchased Chanel’s $12,000 bicycle for best pal Jennifer Aniston. With friends like that, who needs a man?


Louis Vuitton Trash Bags



If you can’t bear your nosy neighbors thinking you’re one of the regular people (the horror!), throw your trash outside in a Louis Vuitton garbage bag. The real question is, does the plastic make your trash smell like a brand-new handbag?