Older Christmas Shopper Approaching

by admin

Older Christmas Shopper Approaching

I went Christmas shopping the day before Thanksgiving and I was very disappointed. In our horrible economy, I could find nothing that I wanted to buy. The first thing I was looking for was a CD player with a cassette tape deck. I looked at a large box department store and could find nothing that I really wanted. It is very devastating to a shopper when you look online to see what a store has only to go to the store and find that they no longer have it. I guess this is what tells me I am old at sixty. I knew I could find out which other big-box store had it and go there, but on Wednesday I did not want to. I wanted it to be there, then.

Moving onto other things, I started looking for a picture frame. I looked in all the logical places in the big-box store. But they were nowhere to be found. I actually had to ask where the picture frames were. Then I realized that many things had probably been relocated to allow space for Christmas items.

I considered going to another store to look for a CD player with cassette deck. But I realized that probably no one would have the type of archaic model that I was looking for. Then I considered getting a jazzier, younger version CD player that was available. I thought the engineering looked shaky and I wondered who they were building these models for anyway. They all had iPod docks. That is great, but I do not own an iPod. I feel so totally Neanderthal.

I moved on to other stores looking for a little ditty gifts that I usually manage to find for people. I think they are cute and I hope others do. But I could not find them on this day. The odds and ends store that I visited had nothing that I would even carry home. I picked up a couple of things and left dejected. No one knows how happy it makes me to find a wonderful little gift to give to someone at Christmas time.

I made a couple of other stops and could not find little Christmas decorations that I wanted either. It seemed like everything was made for a very large Christmas tree. I live in a nursing home and I like to decorate but I need small things. I was looking for reasonably priced things. Usually dollar stores have little Christmas trees. But not the two where I stopped. I worked hard and looked but could not find what I wanted.

I have spent the last few days looking online for a suitable CD player with or without the cassette deck. I found one only to learn that I was not in the right zip code to buy it. I guess that meant that the item was no longer available. I would have been much easier if it had just said that. Then I started thinking. I wonder what baby boomers are playing their music on. Silly me … I suppose they all have iPods. But what if they do not? I am sure not everyone has one. Some folks must like to sit and listen to CDs playing in their bedroom or office. I cannot be the only one.

I have been thinking about potential gift purchases and wondering if the entire Christmas season will be as difficult as the last few days. I will give it a couple of more shots. I plan on traveling to different locations to look. That will give me more opportunities to find what I am looking for.

To us diehard shoppers who look for the best buys all the time, the last few months have been awful. Items that I normally buy all at one big-box store have suddenly disappeared from the shelves. Now I go to more stores and am able to find less. This was going on before the economic crisis in September.

I guess the only thing that is redeemable in all of this is that gas is lower in price. I guess I could afford to look around. When I ask younger folk if they are experiencing problems finding what they are looking for when shopping, they say the only problem they have is finding the money to buy what they want. That is when I wonder if we were both looking in the same stores.

Maybe I should just write this all off as an older shopper looking for things that are impossible to find. But being the true shopper that I am, I am going to keep trying.