Online Resources for the Mom-to-Be

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Online Resources for the Mom-to-Be

With our swollen feet, swollen bellies, and swollen tempers, the Internet is the pregnant girl’s best friend. We can find everything from hip burp cloths to baby clothes, pee-pee tee-pees to designer furniture, nursing bras to nipple creams, morning sickness cures to maternity fashions, and all the other stuff we find ourselves needing with a pending stork delivery. We can research and shop online from the comfort of our sofas and pajamas—no need to stand in line, cry in the baby-bath aisle (who knew there were so many different kinds of baby baths?), or freak out in the changing room when they don’t have that one top I like in my size! Unfortunately, like anything good, it can also be bad for you: when you find yourself inching in on your future kid’s college fund, just step away from that mouse sister, and practice your breathing!

Here are some of my favorite online resources for shopping my sleepless nights away. Please do share if you know of any others—I’ve still got a few months to go!

The mother of mama-to-be websites, this is one stop shopping at its very best. Babystyle has everything from cute maternity clothes (I love their basic cotton tops and jeans selections) to baby gear to newborn essentials and clothing. You can shop by brand or category and it’s a great place to get your head around all the little (and big!) things you will need for your new bundle of joy. The site carries all the big names in babyland and has a wide product offering. Modern designers such as Stokke and Svan abound as well.

Unbuttoned Contemporary Maternity
Designer denim, rockin’ tees (featuring the Ramones!) … if you are looking for something different and hip, there are all sorts of  funky, edgy fashions to be found on Unbuttoned Maternity. Unbuttoned has all the same product categories, but with a cool edge, and they even have a section on “Celeb Style.” Go ahead girl, get your outie belly in style with your inner starlet!

This sling, which comes in all sorts of seriously cute patterns and fabrics (no gingham allowed!), saved me with my first child. It’s a one piece and folds down into nothing so I just kept it in my diaper bag for when my little one wanted to be snuggled, or I needed my hands free. I’m still using it in fact. Now that she’s a toddler, I can put my daughter in the sling on my hip and the fabric gives me extra support. The sling allows you to change the position of your child as she grows. Perfect in the airport or really anywhere you are struggling with tickets, toys, snacks, and everything else that goes along with a toddler.

Due Maternity

This site has a great selection of maternity must-haves and carries maternity lingerie and nursing ware as well. Due Maternity is organized into categories like “tops,” “skin care,” or “diaper bags” to help you get to what you are looking for fast because, let’s face it, we’re tired. There is even a section for “gifts” if we have other mamas to shop for, or even better—if others are shopping for us! Extras like custom baby announcements make this store worth a click.

Modern Tots
Still looking for that perfect crib for your perfect creation? Modern Tots has a great selection for your budding design savant. Divided into either age range or product category, this site offers furniture, lighting, and other home decor solutions—all with a focus on kids. Strollers, clothes, and toys are also represented with the design savvy family in mind. The textiles are fresh and the design ideas are funky—and shipping is free for purchases over $99.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Gap has ‘em all beat when it comes to maternity basics (and cute not-so basics too!). The styles are accessible and comfortable but without breaking our budgets. It’s not designer clothing, but it looks good, makes us feel good, and washes good to take us through our forty weeks in style. Plus, you can always ride over to BabyGap to peruse cute baby wear, accessorize in the nonpregnant women’s section, and find support at GapBody.

Baby Gaga
Strollers, strollers, strollers! A stroller can make or break you once that baby arrives. There are so many to choose from, a lot of different price ranges, and everyone has a different opinion and different horror story—selecting one can make you a little nutty (okay, a little nuttier!). Baby Gaga has done a great job of breaking down the stroller nonsense into clear categories and then presenting three criteria: price, parent rating, and durability rating. Once on a specific stroller page, you can read parent reviews (invaluable to get the scoop from those who have been there!) and find a retailer.

If you need any suggestions for basics to see you through your forty-week style challenge, see Maternity Style Musts.