Online Shopping for the Holidays

by admin

Online Shopping for the Holidays

Over the last several years, I have come to do more and more of my shopping online. There are several benefits that make it much more palatable than shopping in stores. Here are my top ten reasons why your computer is your best friend for holiday shopping: 

1. Bargain Hunting
You can look for the best price for what you are buying at many different outlets. You can also get up-to-the-minute discounts notifications, which makes it especially “bargainy.”

2. Time Saving
No need to commit to a few hours, you can commit to ten minutes. Breaking-up the work into shorter, more manageable time chunks is much nicer. Further, you won’t be wasting time traveling to the stores, looking for parking, walking around, yada yada.

3. Avoiding the Crowds
Shopping online allows you to avoid the mobs and the pushing and shoving that inevitably happens in retail stores.

4. Easy Parking
During this season, getting a parking spot at a mall or retail outlet can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Parking yourself at your computer takes two seconds!

5. Any Store in the World
Any retailer worth buying from is located on the internet. However, most of the stores you want to shop at aren’t all located in the same spot.

6. Gift Wrapping
Some people hate wrapping presents (personally, I enjoy it, but that is the architect in me). Many online retailers will wrap your gifts for a small fee. So, for those of you who hate wrapping presents, you can eliminate this part of the gift-giving process.

7. Shipping
You can have gifts shipped to the location where the gift will be opened. If you are traveling to celebrate the holidays (this is me), then having gifts shipped is a much better option than having to check them or carry them onto the plane.

8. Environmentally Friendly
Okay, if you are not a naturalist or someone who cares about the environment, then can skip this one. But for those of you who do care, you’ll be saving paper (no paper receipts) and reducing pollution (no gas emissions).

9. Smarter Shopping
Shopping online allows you to easily read customer reviews of products. This helps you make more informed decisions about gifting your loved ones.

10. Reduced Stress
And, when you have ALL of the benefits listed above, you will ultimately be able to reduce your stress levels! How much better does it get than that?

Hope you have a wonderful holiday shopping season! Are you shopping online this season? What benefits do you see? 

Originally published on SheerBalance