In Our Cart: All The Kendra Scott Jewelry We’re Loving Right Now

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In Our Cart: All The Kendra Scott Jewelry We’re Loving Right Now

What began as a love of gorgeous gemstones is now a super successful jewelry brand that has won over women everywhere. Known for its colorful drusy stones, Kendra Scott also has timeless pieces for everyday wear and statement collections to complete your night-out look. Here, the MORE editors share the Kendra Scott pieces we just can’t wait to get our bejeweled fingers on.


Diane Statement Earrings In Abalone Shell


Kendra Scott


“I am currently so over this cold winter weather and in the process of planning a trip with my friends to Miami! Buying clothes for vacation is one of my favorite things and these earrings are screaming, “Beach getaway!” The abalone shell gives off a luxe, tropical vibe, and statement earrings are a must-have this season. I can’t wait to pair these earrings with my cotton sundress and dance the night away.” —Sidney Burds, Editor

To buy: Diane Statement Earrings, Nordstrom, $130


Elisa Gold Pendant Necklace in Slate Cats Eye


kendra scott


“Big statement necklaces, rings, and earrings are just a little too much for me. That’s why I’m loving the Elisa Gold Pendant Necklace, specifically in the color Slate Cat Eye. The neutral color and simple style can be worn with virtually anything I own, which I consider a huge plus.” —Lauren Juhl, E-Commerce Coordinating Editor

To buy: Elisa Gold Pendant Necklace, Nordstrom, $50


Reya Stackable Ring Set


kendra scott


“I’ve never been a fan of cocktail rings, but my fingers are always sprinkled with dainty, little bands. The Reya Stackable Ring Set is perfect for me with five rings in one: four simple bands with elegant crystal accents and one with a clear rock crystal for a little more bling. All stacked together, this set isn’t too bulky and wouldn’t overwhelm my small hands, and separately there’s so much versatility. Even mixed with everyday rings, this ring set would look amazing!” —Taylor Borde, Editor

To buy: Reya Stackable Ring Set, Kendra Scott, $85


Justyne Statement Earrings In Blue Mix


kendra scott


“These Kendra Scott drop earrings make me want to drop everything and head on a tropical vacation right now. While probably not for everyday wear, Kendra has given me the fun statement earrings I have been looking for. They come in three shades—a blue mix (pictured), a blush mix, and a neutral—and I can see myself wearing any of them, though the blue definitely catches my attention first. Now I just need a blue one-piece bathing suit, a caftan, and an oversized sun hat and I’m ready for pina coladas, please.” —Caitlin White, Senior Editor

To buy: Justyne Statement Earrings, Nordstrom, $250


Chastain Ring in Rainbow Moonstone


kendra scott


“When it comes to rings I prefer slim, uncomplicated bands that are perfect for stacking. That’s why I love Kendra Scott’s Chastain Ring. It has a delicate band, a diamond with just the right amount of sparkle, but still simple enough for everyday wear. An excellent addition to my ring collection, and moonstone just happens to be my favorite gemstone.” —Sidney Burds, Editor

To buy: Chastain Ring, Kendra Scott, $395


Rayne Long Pendant Necklace in Black Opaque Glass/Gunmetal


kendra scott


“When it comes to my jeans and tees, as well as my cocktail attire, I love to play with texture more than print. So, I’m always looking for chunky or bold accessories to break up my monochrome colors. This long pendant necklace from Kendra Scott I can see fitting perfectly into my jewelry box. I can pair it with faux leather leggings and a longer, drapey white blouse (one of my go-tos), a classic LBD, or even a more boho aesthetic in the summer. Plus, in so many colors, it can fit pretty much any look, though I’m partial to the more rocker-edged Black Opaque Glass/Gunmetal.” —Caitlin White, Senior Editor

To buy: Rayne Long Pendant Necklace, Nordstrom, $80


Fern Pendant Necklace in Gold


kendra scott


“I am all about dainty jewelry, whether it’s necklaces, rings, or earrings, and was pleasantly surprised to find this slender pendant necklace at Kendra Scott, who is known for her statement gems and jewelry. With delicate barbs and a minimalist design, the Fern Pendant Necklace keeps the brand’s signature silhouette, but is simple enough for everyday wear. I’ve been in the market for a new gold chain, and I think this dainty pendant definitely fits the bill.” —Taylor Borde, Editor

To buy: Fern Pendant Necklace, Nordstrom, $45


Betty Stud Earrings in Bronze Veined Turquoise


kendra scott


“I’m a huge sucker for anything and everything turquoise, and that’s why these Betty Stud Earrings immediately caught my attention. They’re in my cart because they’re dainty, come in four other colors if turquoise isn’t your jam, and are made with 14K gold—talk about a win!” —Lauren Juhl, E-Commerce Coordinating Editor

To buy: Betty Stud Earrings, Neiman Marcus, $50


Loulou Swarovski Crystal Earrings in Rose Gold


kendra scott


“Climbers have quickly become my go-to daily earrings, in place of studs, and these Kendra Scott climbers are 100 percent me. The edgier shape in a super sweet rose gold is an unexpected pairing, and I’m totally on board. I can see wearing these with my jeans and a statement tee, or playing into the crystals and glowing them up with a more cocktail party look. But I can’t type anymore because I have to click over and buy these STAT.” —Caitlin White, Senior Editor

To buy: Loulou Swarovski Crystal Earrings, Bloomingdale's, $65


Custom Elisa Lux Necklace in Turquoise Magnesite


kendra scott


“I love the option of getting to design your own jewelry on Kendra Scott’s website. Your jeweled treasures get a personal touch, and I’m pretty particular about what stones I like and what metals I want to pair them with. For my custom jewelry, I chose to create a necklace in the Elisa Lux style. I chose turquoise magnesite as my stone and rhodium as my metal because I love a nice silver metal with turquoise combination. It’s a straightforward, exquisite, single-stone necklace that I’ll wear all year long—and that’s unique to me.” —Sidney Burds, Editor

To buy: Custom Elisa Lux Necklace, Kendra Scott, $80


Charlie Grace Hoop Earrings in Antique Silver


kendra scott


“I was all ears when the hoop trend came back last year, and I’m not ready to let it go quite yet. Kendra Scott gives classic hoops a modern update with this front-facing pair that really brings the drama with crystal details and sophisticated studs, without going outside my black, white, and gray color scheme. I’m considering these antique-inspired hoops my statement earrings for the season. I already plan on wearing them with my favorite black skinnies and oversized sweater to elevate my go-to look.” —Taylor Borde, Editor

To buy: Charlie Grace Hoop Earrings, Nordstrom, $80