Out with the Old, In with the New You

by admin

Out with the Old, In with the New You

Most women come to me and say “I need to go shopping, I have nothing to wear!” When I reply “Well, it’s true you may need to do some shopping, but I bet you have things to wear in your closet already. Let’s start there.” They almost always look at me in disbelief, and it usually takes some coaxing and convincing (which of course I win) before they let me in to take a peek. Together we go through each item piece by piece. We go through it all! The shelves, drawers, and hangers, everything, so we can evaluate what we have. You can do this with a professional (like me) or your BFF. But I recommend before you shop for another piece of clothing you do a good closet clean out. Here is what I recommend:

You must go through every item you own. No corner should be left unturned. Once you have gone through every piece, you will create three piles:

1. Couldn’t dream of giving up (this is your keep pile)
2. Not sure how this works on me, or with my style (this is your maybe pile)
3. OMG why did I ever wear this?  (this is your donate/resell pile).

You can create these piles by using your “gut”. Like on a standardized test, go with your first answer, your instinct (it’s usually right). Pick up the item. Try it on if you need to. Pick a pile and don’t look back (with one exception).  As you are evaluating your items ask yourself:

1. Do I wear this?
2. Do I look fab in it?
3. Does it fit into my current life/personal style?

Hint … If your answer is no to any of these questions this item does not belong in your “keep” pile.

The exception to no looking back I mentioned above is your “keep” pile. As you get rid of things, you may find yourself putting MANY things in your “keep” pile. You should go through the “keep” pile twice, just to make sure the item is truly a keeper.  I’ve noticed my clients will hold onto clothes for years as they gather dust in their closets. Those suits you wore in the 90’s when you worked full time, they need to GO!   IF an item falls into this category it’s time to say good bye. The only exceptions to this rule are couture “gala” gowns, your wedding dress (which should be boxed up anyway!), sentimental items (should be boxed s well), and one pair of “thin” jeans. One pair! It’s good to have goals!  Remember for every item you get rid of, you are opening the door to adding something that you will really use.

The important thing to remember is to build your closet around the life you’re living now. Your closet will usually have five basic components:

1. Work clothes (Or clothes for board and PTA events and charity meetings if you stay home.)
2. Casual clothes (These are your “dressed down” looks … NOT sweat pants!! Think Sunday brunch.)
3. Going out clothes (date night, casual parities or night out on the town)
4. Workout clothes (You want to look good while sweating too!! right?)
5. Dressier evening attire (think gala’s and events.)

Depending upon your lifestyle your wardrobe will be more concentrated in specific areas. For example if you work full time, you should concentrate on office clothes. If you are a stay at home mom, you should focus on casual, comfortable clothes. If you love a good party, and find yourself at events and galas, make sure you have plenty of “going out” and dressier looks. It’s all about the way you live.

This is the first step in finding the new you! I will give you time to work on this. Check back for more of my tips on getting your wardrobe in shape for 2012!