Pantspocalypse: The Rise of Pajama Jeans

by admin

The Bible says the end of time will be marked by “great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time.” Well, button down the hatches and start saying your prayers, ladies and gentlemen, because a new tribulation runs rampant on Earth: they call it “wearing jeans.” Oh, the strain, the burden, the torment of donning denim pants! Just figuring out how to put them on is like a wicked mind game! Thankfully, the makers of Pajama Jeans understand the problem and they’re here to help. “It’s a struggle to fit into ordinary jeans,” says the sympathetic narrator in this commercial. “They’re uncomfortable and leave marks on your skin.” Ain’t that the truth; look at the way this woman toils with her “ordinary jeans.” It’s downright gory! My only reservation is that women who find denim to be this combative might not fare so well with Pajama Jeans or any other kind of pants in life. My advice: look into skirts.