Paper Eyelashes

by admin

Paper Eyelashes

Although I have always loved the look of false eyelashes, I never liked how heavy they felt on my eyelids, so I opted not wear them.

However, there is a new item on the market that might change my ways for special occasions—paper eyelashes by Paperself. They seem like they would be much lighter and would add an element of fun and culture to any outfit. The designs are based on the traditional Chinese art of paper-cutting.

They have three different styles: Peonies, Peach Blossoms and Horses (although they look like zebras to me) and each has a large and a petite version. They are currently for sale at Luna And Curious and one set of large lashes run £12, which is about $20 USD, depending upon the exchange rate. While they are intended for one time use, the site indicates with care you may be able to get more wearing out of them.

What do you think: fashion-forward or a faux-pas?