The Paperdoll: Bellingham, WA

by admin

The Paperdoll: Bellingham, WA

You know what magazine I love to read? SkyMall. Where else can you find a six-foot by seven-foot crossword puzzle and a germ eliminating travel toothbrush sanitizer? I mean, really, the Sharper Image has nothing on this 100+ page catalogue of superfluous necessities. Thousands of feet in the air I have the urge to nudge a fellow passenger and wonder out loud how can there really be such a thing as an anti-bark collar for your dog?!

Shopping at The Paperdoll in Bellingham, Washington is a similar experience to leafing through a SkyMall, except with product that is exponentially cooler. Shultzie Fay’s petit store is full of wonderment and unbelievable artistic merchandise, so unique you wish to have someone next to you so you can wonder out loud, do they really have a chocolate colored yoga mat with “chocolate” scrawled all over it? Yes, yes they do!

But if you really want that chocolate covered (I mean colored, a girl can dream) yoga mat don’t leave the store without eating, I mean, purchasing it! The Paperdoll according to Ms. Fay “is committed to featuring up and coming designers who push the envelope of fashion and design.” Most of these artists are difficult to find and many hand make their products therefore limiting the amount of products made while enhancing the quality of the merchandise sold. Ms. Fay picks particular designers for her boutique only if they mesh with the store’s “whimsical yet practical vibe.” In less than two years, the boutique has featured more than 250 indie artists continues to recruit two to four new artists weekly!

Though the boutique carries unusual items which might not necessitate your wardrobe needs, such as Tatty Popcorn Box earrings (though I love those because I used to be a concession cutie) there are some wardrobe essentials with some flare. Take for example Judi Rosen Elephant Bells. These denim dynamos take the current high waisted trend to an entirely new level … and width. Just look how big those flares are! And your hiney? Yes, your highness, it is royaaal!

Fernworks is a jewelry line The Paperdoll carries. Items are captured under resin and made into beautiful jewelry. But more than Fernworks jewelry, I want Fancy’s Unwedding ring!

Worried about following trends? That’s easy in Bellingham. Hoodies are a must-have. But Shultzie Fay’s strategy for customers is not to push trends on them, but is something else entirely. Instead it’s admirable and enviable. When asked how she keeps her customers coming back for me Ms. Fay responded by saying, “we give one-on-one attention to all of our shoppers, and try to listen to their needs while expanding their horizons.” Shopping for clothes should not be like shopping for groceries. Instead of replenishing the basics time and time again why not try a t-shirt with a print, like those from Nooworks or SheBible for a hat?!

Next time you fly, make sure you’re flying to Bellingham with an issue of SkyMall to satiate your wonderment until you arrive at The Paperdoll!

Reasons for going to Bellingham escape me. I can only think of one; to check out The Paperdoll.