Personal Map Quest

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Personal Map Quest

Meet local gal Jenny Beorkrem. She’s the twenty-four-year-old designer and founder of Ork Posters, otherwise known as the latest obsession of everyone who sits within a 20-foot radius of my desk at Gen Art. Why? She makes the coolest wall candy ever—and it’s totally affordable.

The back story: “Ork Posters began whilst searching for a Chicago neighborhood poster that wouldn’t cramp my style (or my home decor style),” Beorkrem explains. “My search came up empty, so I decided to design one for myself. The project became quite cumbersome with 91 Chicago neighborhoods in all. But I finally finished the poster and liked it so much that I thought others might like it too.” And thus an empire began.

Now, Beorkem offers a line of modern, typographic neighborhood posters and signed, numbered screen prints for Chicago, Boston, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and San Francisco. Posters for Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, and Toronto will launch come spring, and t-shirts and totes featuring her designs could be on the way. (We will be first in line for a Brooklyn bag.) Beyond that, this busy young talent plans to look overseas: “Well, I’m not sure if it will ever happen, but I’d love to do Tokyo in both English and Japanese.”


By Caroline Stanley

Photo Courtesy of Gen Art Pulse