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Poison, the Puffy Vest, and the Patio Umbrella (Part 1)


Before I woke up I was having dreams about watching the clock: it was still 7:00, or then it was 8:00 but that was still okay, and then it was 9:00, and then I looked again and it was 10:00, why hadn’t I left earlier! And then I woke up for real and it was 7:30. UGH! Should I? Sleep? Go? Sleep? Go? And then the dogs were licking me in the face and my husband got up and that was the end of it, I was going.

Printed out my sheet and I was off.

As I drove down the hill I was arguing with myself which one to go to first. I finally decided that I should pick the one with the most potential good stuff to offer. So I picked the elementary school rummage sale. Good choice in the end. I scored a Yu-gi-oh Collectors Guide (I knew my son would love it), a Yu Gi Oh Duel Disk whatever for a dollar that my son and I had been looking at on ebay because his sister had ripped the elastic grip thingy off of his other one (apparently they sell for crazy money on ebay, who knew), a Dodge Disk launcher (I didn’t even know what it was til I got it home, I just knew it looked good - it turns on, battery included, and launches little foam disks across the driveway), a cute little red and white notepad and pen, a nice Quicksilver shirt and Pine Peak pants (Nordstrom) for my son, and a small metal bubble gum machine and nice black and silver soccer cleats for my daughter. I was out of there for $8.

So then I headed to the next one that I had been arguing with myself about, but on the way I found a neighborhood one that I had forgotten about. But only one neighbor had started setting up. A newly married couple and their friend. The guy was cracking jokes left and right. They had a really nice Pottery Barn chest, black, $50, would have loved to buy it, but said to him, “But where would I put it?”

“Right next to the other one you have, like we did.”

“You’re right, I do have another one.”

And then I was looking at his bride taking perfume bottles out of a purse. She started naming them off to me.


Her girlfriend chimes in,

“I used to wear Poison.”

The husband,

“I used to listen to Poison.”


“Did you hear Brett Michaels had a brain hemorrhage?”

The husband,

“I didn’t know he had a brain.”


“Whoa, hey now.”

The husband,

“Hey, every rose has it’s thorn.”

Okay, not very nice, I know, and if anything happens to Brett after this post, I’m truly sorry (I’ve watched “Rock of Love” and “Celebrity Apprentice” and I’m a child of the 80’s so I truly do appreciate that which is Brett Michaels - though I’m more of a Def Leppard/Van Halen girl myself) and I’m sure the funny garage sale guy is sorry, as well. But funny garage sale guy was on a roll.

As I left I said,

“You’re funny. Keep ‘em comin’!”

Anyway, the neighbors hadn’t set up so I thought maybe I’d come back later.


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