Poison, the Puffy Vest, and the Patio Umbrella (Part 2)

by admin

Poison, the Puffy Vest, and the Patio Umbrella (Part 2)


Up and over the hill, I realized there was another garage sale I should stop by on my way to the one about which I had been arguing with myself. Some people just should not have garage sales, and this would have been an example. But they DID have a metal detector. In the box. From Radio Shack. And boy was I tempted. I’ve always wanted one of those things. But I just couldn’t see myself using it. And then I’d have to store the thing. If you read my “Shed” post, you’ll know I’m kind of over storing yet MORE stuff.

On to garage sale #4 that was supposed to be #2.

This was a madhouse. I bought a floppy hat for 50¢. As I was paying for it, I wasn’t really sure why I was buying it, but I bought it anyway. I looked around some more and made the assumption that they may have had a whole lot when they opened, but I had arrived too late.

On down the same street I spotted another one not on my list. I stop. I’m thinking, they don’t have anything. AND THEN, I spot an awesome cream-colored puffy vest in new condition from Old Navy IN MY SIZE. SCORE for $2. AND a free little red pot to add to my succulent collection in the window box in the kitchen that I still haven’t gotten to.

The next one on down off the same road was really not great. They had some vintage Pepsi Glasses, a vintage Star Trek glass, an AandW root beer mug, and I thought if I had the packing material and believed I could pack well enough for the glassware to remain intact, I might have bought them for ebaying purposes. But I wasn’t going to trouble myself. Potential breakage and insurance issues are not the additional hassle I need when it comes to selling on ebay.

Next sale. All I see are gobs of people walking out with gobs of stuff. I go through the gate to the back patio and I search, looking for where all the good stuff was coming from. Those gobs of people just took it all. There was still tons of stuff, but none of it good.

So then I was going to head back to funny guy’s block to see if any other neighbors had opened up. But wait, there’s a sign. Okay, I’ll drive all the way up and over to get back to this sad looking cardboard sign’s garage sale that represented a correspondingly sad garage sale that had to be a drive-by. Wasting my time like that sometimes really bothers me. It makes me start thinking I should have stayed home and coiled up the excessively long hose I used over a week ago for pressure washing. Now that would be time well spent.

Okay, back up and over that hill to the funny guy’s street. Only one other neighbor open. They had a lawn mower, an armoire and one little table of stuff. Oh how disappointing. Driving by again.

So since I was over there, I was going to venture even further from home to another court sale. Where I thought it was, was not where it was, and I kept going and going and going. I was really going to be annoyed if this was for nothing, too.

The area is mostly full of townhomes and older people. I thought to myself, I’d like to live there someday, maybe, if I ever left my house, which I hope I don’t ever do, but life changes and sometimes you have to move on. You didn’t know that garage sales could be so full of philosophical thought, now did you?

I pull up and there are women sitting in their garages, each one with another female counterpart. Every twosome is talking. And talking. Talking so much, they’re not even concerned with their customers, really. But they are all very nice. But very talkative. I spot a patio umbrella, opened, leaning on a lawn. It’s a 9 footer, cute red, green and yellow stripes. I see the price tag. I walk closer as I wince in the sunlight. $5.00. Hallelujah. We have a bargain.

“Is there anything wrong with this umbrella?”


“I’ll take it.”

WOOHOO. (Since the one on my deck – a previous $5 umbrella from a previous year’s sale – has a broken “spoke.”)

I look around at their other things and spot 4 Waechtersbach plates (made in Germany, they are red with white hearts, I kind of have a collection of them) $3. I’ll take those, too.

Walking out to my car, I spot another lady’s dog bed, a really nice one, $1. I add that to my armful. Off to my car I go.

So that was it, I was done. I did leave a few stones left unturned but they were way on the other side of town and I couldn’t face the potential disappointment. Even though I got home and read the description of one I’d missed and told myself all I would have had to do was just go up the freeway a bit more. But I reconciled myself that it was still kind of far and I really didn’t need anything they’d listed anyway, right? Right? I’ll never know.

So sometimes I have these days. When, before I go, I look at the list and think, maybe it’s not worth it. Maybe I should just stay in bed. But you never know what’s out there. You just may end up with a Yu-gi-oh Collector’s Guide and Duel Disk thingy, a puffy vest and a pretty umbrella.