Postcard Plus Garden Equals Postcarden

by admin

Pour water on a typical greeting card and you have a soggy mess. Do the same to a Postcarden, and you have the beginnings of a miniature garden. Postcarden creator Aimee Furnival had an idea to re-think the greeting card and in a way that is stylish, playful, completely unexpected and yes, even alive. Postcarden is an artfully designed mini-botanical garden, and it comes in a small postcard-sized box that can be sent through the mail.

When you open the box, the card itself pops up into a three-dimensional architectural landscape. All you have to do is add the included seeds and a spoonful of water (no soil is necessary) and within a few days fresh watercress plants sprout to fill in the garden scene rendered on the card.

Originally launched in the UK by A Studio for Design, Aimee’s debut product is the Postcarden, and Daily Grommet is among the first to share its story here. Each Postcarden is printed in Wales with vegetable-based inks and the paper is 100 percent recyclable.

When a gift is too much, and a card isn’t quite enough, Postcarden is a delightful greeting that transforms a desktop or windowsill into a lush and lovely mini living garden.

You can buy Postcardens here at Daily Grommet.

Originally published on DailyGrommet