Pretty in Ink: 10 Bloggers with Cute Tattoos

by admin

Pretty in Ink: 10 Bloggers with Cute Tattoos

Our favorite fashion bloggers have more to offer than just outfit inspiration—in this case, cute tattoos! Some opt to keep them covered on their blog, while others bare all their ink all the time. Whether you’re scoping out ideas or just want to live vicariously, these totally chic tattoos hit the spot.


Charm Bracelet



Danish blogger Pernille of Look de Pernille added a little ink to her arm party: a charm bracelet that stands out whether she’s wearing a stack of cuffs or no bracelets at all. She has a similar tattoo around her ankle as well!


Shine On



Liz of Late Afternoon has a couple cute tattoos on both of her arms. We love the simple outline of a lightning bolt on one arm and the intricate script on the other. Shine on, Liz, shine on.





The inner wrist is one of the more popular spots to get inked, and Hanneli followed suit. It's a pretty spot to get something meaningful because you'll see it every day, but it's also easy to cover up if you need to.





A thin outline of the world is fitting for jet-setting blogger Chiara of The Blonde Salad. Cute tattoos like this one— simple and delicate—are the trend right now.





We love the placement of this script on Gala of Amlul. It’s a nice twist on the more common inner wrist tattoo without being too visible or large.





Our very own Katelyn of Katalina Girl has a couple of cute tattoos! The script on her finger looks so cool peeking out from a stack of rings.





If you love tattoos, you’ll love this inner wrist tattoo on Jessica of Tuula Vintage. The smiley blogger has “happiness” appropriately inked in a feminine script.





If you want to start small with tattoos, an inconspicuous symbol like the heart on Vanessa of The Haute Pursuit is the way to go.





Gone are the days of lower back murals and dolphins on your shoulder; hands and wrists seem to be the most popular spots these days. Chantal of Cocorosa got the word “freedom” inked along her palm.


Flash Tattoo



Flash tattoos are a brilliant option for ladies who aren’t keen on permanent ink or just can’t decide. These temporary tattoos come in all sorts of boho designs and elegant scripts, like this one on Aimee of Song of Style.