Psst … I Love You

by admin

A sentiment doesn’t have to be broadcast for it to be heartfelt. That’s the whole idea behind HeartThreads, an inspirational line of shirts that have a special message of love printed on the inside of each shirt, next to the wearer’s heart. The creator of HeartThreads is Scott Wilson, who came up with the idea after a friend’s daughter passed away and he wanted to do something to express his love and support. He printed a picture of his friend’s daughter on the inside of a shirt, so her family could take comfort in having her close to their hearts. Seeing the joy it brought the family, Scott founded HeartThreads. His goal is to create inspiring art from the inside-out, and to promote a positive attitude and inner peace. Today we’re featuring the company’s “Live, Love, Laugh” design, which reminds us to “live with purpose, love unconditionally, laugh out loud. I’ll enjoy life every step of the way …”

We heard about HeartThreads from Daily Grommet friend Carol Knight, who says the shirts’ affirmations have helped her to make a spiritual connection without shouting it out to the whole world. “Sometimes you just don’t feel like wearing your ‘heart on your sleeve,’ so what better way than to have a shirt that empowers you, however that may be, and not have to broadcast it to the moms at school or the grocery store cashier?” Carol says. We couldn’t agree more. There’s something powerful about carrying a secret sentiment close to your heart. You know it’s there—and that’s what really matter.

Originally published on DailyGrommet