Real Vintage Clothing Cannot Be Found in the Mall

by admin

Real Vintage Clothing Cannot Be Found in the Mall

Everyone has costume parties in the fall and winter, but what about a vintage clothing party in the summer? The very lack of clothing on those hot summer nights makes it more of a challenge for your guests and you’re more likely to see some of those hot summer outfits from the 60s and 70s. You’ll see short baby doll dresses, mini skirts, low cut hip-hugging bell bottoms, halter tops, and bathing suits that either show that entire great figure or leave a lot for the imagination.

Styles change every year but maintain a common theme for usually a decade at a time. Those same themes come back around in a cycle every twenty or thirty years. Throw a party which focuses on one decade and you’ll be amazed at how much some of the vintage clothing styles resemble the clothes of today. What was once considered “cheesy” or “poor taste” may actually seem pretty cool today. Invite your friends to experiment and have fun with different outfits and you’ll have a party they’ll be talking about for years to come.

Don’t forget to add in some period music to go along with the vintage clothing theme you select. A big hit in the summer seems to be 50s Beach Party or a 1960s Love Fest (without the acid). Another theme making a comeback is the Black Light Look from the 70s, always a cool visual affair with colored sequins and party guests glowing in the dark. Play a little Supertramp and some Jefferson Airplane (before they went into space) and you’ll see a lot of smiling, happy faces.

A good part of the attraction of vintage clothing is the fun that you can have with it. Playing dress-up is something that goes back to our childhood and we never really lose the wonderment of it. Get a bunch of adults together, put them in costumes, play some music that makes them dance or reminisce, and they’ll act like children again. More accurately, they’ll behave like teenagers, without the awkwardness and reckless acts of stupidity. Hopefully.

Barbeques are great, but they get old after a while. Sitting around telling stories is only fun after a while if you invite different people. Spice up your summer this year by doing something different. Send out some funky-looking invitations, provide your guests some links to vintage clothing sites on the internet, and ask them to show up wearing specific era clothing. You can buy music, get it for free on the web, or as an added twist ask your musically talented friends to bring their guitars over. Life was simpler in years past. Sit around an open fire and sing a few songs with some good friends. You’ll love it and want to do it again soon. Guaranteed.