Rebound Driveway Markers: Keep Snowplows and Cars Off the Landscaping

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Rebound Driveway Markers: Keep Snowplows and Cars Off the Landscaping

This winter, keep the cars and snowplows on your driveway and off your yard.

If you live in a northern climate (like Minnesota where I live), then you probably know the frustration of someone driving over your lawn because it was hidden under the snow. Or maybe you’ve watched with horror as a snowplow clearing your driveway took out some adjacent landscaping. Well, these clever driveway markers can help keep drivers on the right path. And they’re not like the old-style markers that are rusty, rigid and usually break before the season ends. Instead, Rebound Driveway Markers are spring-mounted and can bend 90 degrees without breaking. The reflective tape at the top makes them easy to see, but if a plow or car drives over them, they’ll bounce right back up. Even if someone opens a car door into one of these fiberglass markers, it will bend back and won’t scratch the car. Plus they’re easy to install with an 8-inch metal spike that can penetrate frozen ground.

Daily Grommet met with the inventor of the Rebound marker, Arra David (on the left with CEO Mike Collins), a mechanical engineer who designs high-end gift products for a living. Arra was inspired by the poles that line a slalom ski run, and he used that inspiration to solve two problems with traditional driveway markers: They’re hard to install on frozen ground and they break all the time. Arra’s driveway markers keep snowplows and wayward drivers on the straight and narrow—and they’ll last a lot longer than one season. Where have these been all my life?

Watch the video from Daily Grommet and purchase Rebound Driveway Markers: