The Right Angle: Geometry-Inspired Jewelry

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The Right Angle: Geometry-Inspired Jewelry

You don’t need a scientific calculator to find the form jewelry trends are taking this season. Sleek lines and simple shapes are taking over the accessories scene and they intend to stay. Basic geometric shapes in the form of triangle necklaces and hexagon earrings are contrasting with this season’s brightly colored baubles. So, while we’re not asking that you take a refresher course in trig, we do suggest putting your rhombus to good use.


Express Geometric Cutout Ring



Give your fingers a futuristic touch with an oversize geometric cutout ring. Spanning knuckle to knuckle, a large piece like this will really show off the web-like pattern.


Loren Stewart Gold Triangle-Spike Ring



A simple gold ring is an accessory basic, but when you add triangular spikes, the sum of the parts creates quite an impact. This triangle-spike ring is elegant and edgy at the same time.


Kenneth Jay Lane Geo Bib Necklace



Statement necklaces don't have to yell at you from across the room. With sharp geometic shapes and a white stone, this bib necklace silently says simple can be complex. 


Urban Outfitters Geo Pendant Necklace



Don't let your accessories go flat. This 3D pendant necklace amplifies the geometric acceorries trend with acute angles. Layer this necklace with a longer piece for even more dimension. 


Hive & Honey Geometric Drop Earring



A repeated geometric pattern gives the eye something to ogle. Flaunt your clean-lined drop earrings with a messy updo for just the right amount of contrast. 


Urban Outfitters Geo High-Low Necklace



Don't be afraid to stir up your shapes. This layered necklace lets you rock both square and triangle forms in one simple, elegant piece. Wear with a strapless sundress or a top with a deep plunge to make sure it's seen.


Barossa Stackable Ring Set



Rock those right angles over and over and over with these fun stackable rings. The set includes a mix of shapes, metals, and finishes.