Rock San Francisco Street Style

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Rock San Francisco Street Style
Four areas that exemplify the variety of styles found in San Fran are the Haight, Castro, Mission and Marina Districts (also Pacific Heights). You get a feel for San Francisco street style in any and all of these different city hot spots. The Haight, or Haight Ashbury, is known as a hippie haven. The famous song “Where have all the flowers gone?” might be updated to “Where have all the hippies gone?” While the Haight maintains a laid-back feel, it has grown up from it’s wild weed days yet maintains it’s basic flavor with some of the city’s best thrift shops and unusual boutiques featuring all sorts of San Francisco styles including a few of thevirtually required tie-dyed offerings. Haight San Fransciso street style is all about casual styles and accessories…every Californian owns jeans and a white T…what makes Haight San Francisco style different are accessories like purses with functional personality, rings with character, and eye catching yet natural earrings.

The Castro District embraces all…all lifestyles, all people, all styles. When heading out in the Castro don’t be upstaged by your pals…grab your own leather vest and fab shoes. Gender neutral Castro San Francisco street style trends include vibrant colors, square toed beetle boots, and high fashion sneakers.

Everyone in the Castro and Mission seem to be shunning the LA lasik surgery (well, actually all things Los Angeles) for the traditional glasses. No need for corrective lenses? Try clear Spring Round Sunglasses by Elizabeth and James. Mission is the place where San Fran singles go to see and be seen. Fine slick San Francisco street style such as an asymmetric tunic and wrap skirt, accessorized with a large ring fits the bill perfectly.

San Francisco has an old and cultured history. Many families have lived here for generations. Nowhere are these families, known for their wealth and prestige, more prevalent than in Pacific Heights and the Marina District. Here San Francisco street style is simple and traditional such as a traditional pencil skirt with a white blouse.

Francisco street style is that it is portable. Wherever you go, in any of these neighborhood styles, you’ll be unquestionably accepted for who you are, not what you’re wearing!