Run Stylishly to the Polls

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Run Stylishly to the Polls

E-Day is here, after eight long years of waiting to finally vote for a change we can believe in! It is your civic duty to go vote, so get to it if you haven’t already. And you better run; you only have hours left. As you figure out what clothes to wear, I can help with your shoe options. I found a site called GoJane that sells shoes, apparel, accessories, formalwear, and even swimwear, and everything on site is relatively inexpensive!

You probably want something with no heel to run to the polls in. My first and only no-heel option is a lace up fringe boot.  Perfect for a brisk walk or jog; can you picture it? The fringe flapping in the wind as you race to the polls with only seconds before 8! Did I mention they are only $34? Crazyiness!  Another fab fringe option is the lace up fringe ankle bootie, for those allergic to flats! These are too amazing for words, and at $23 these velvet booties were instantly put in my shopping cart.

Moving right along, it would only be fair to speak about those right winged heels, oops I meant the right heels for fall! 

Since the opening of SATC the movie, women have flocked to shoe stores in search of the gothic like black gladiator sandal Carrie wore in the movie. Many impersinations have been made, but I found one with a great zipper detail that takes the cake, the Strappy Zipper t-strap Platforms ($30). These are stunning; I’ll practically look like Naomi Campbell in these. (Well, at least in height.) The four and half inch heel will definitely bring me closer to model status!

For those of you out there who usually only wear black, I have a heel for you. The Ankle cuff heel ($20) comes in three shades, but silver is by far the best color. This shoe would compliment an all black ensemble very well, and worn over black tights, it is perfection! And last but not least, the Pleated Suede Heel ($20) would be fantastic for all those upcoming holiday soirees. Your feet will be the talk of the town!

By the Devil Wears Marc Jacobs

PhotoCourtesy of BrandHabit