Save Your Winter From Sartorial Monotony: The Joys of Colored Tights

by admin

Save Your Winter From Sartorial Monotony: The Joys of Colored Tights

Winter means sledding, frost on windows, boozy hot chocolate by the fireplace, and conquering the black diamond slope you wouldn’t even look at last year. Winter means candy canes and ice skating and new scarves. Winter also means an endless supply of wool pants. But there is a solution to the doldrums of the grey winter wool. And we have it: Colored tights. See? We have an answer for everything.

We love tights in every color of the rainbow. They add a splash to the unrelieved black of winter coats and boots. We love tights because they make skirts a reasonable option, instead of a wistful delusion. Dark blue tights with a black wool mini skirt and high-heeled mary-janes. Maroon tights with tall brown boots and your favorite winter skirt. Striped tights and a pencil skirt, just because you can.

If you need to relieve the gloom or be seen in a crowd drenched in drab winter gray, hit up your favorite store for a fresh stock of colored tights. Darker colors will make your legs seem slimmer. For a surprise flash of color between knee-high boots and skirts, any color goes.

How To Wear Colored Tights Without Looking Like a Clown

Please note, sometimes looking like a clown is a lot of fun. Especially in late January when all the candy canes are gone and everything is gray slush.

Match It: Match your pink scarf with pink tights. Bring that bit of yellow in your sweater to its full glory with yellow tights. Match a green belt with green tights. Match your tights to your shoes or your dress. Match your skirt to your shirt to your tights and go monochrome.

Million Mile Legs: Match your tights to your shoes and your legs look exponentially longer. You’re welcome.

Color Pop: Wear a neutral outfit and let your tights be the star. We like magenta tights with a gray dress or deep purple tights with a black skirt. Turquoise tights above tall black boots and under a long black coat.  

Complementary: Pull a shade that doesn’t match your outfit, but still works. You’ll know it when you see it.

Go for the Whimsy: Green tights with bright yellow rain boots. Throw on as many rainbow colors as you can find in your closet.

There. Legs warmed. Dull winter wardrobe saved. Unrepentant gloom relieved. Happiness assured.