Scarves That Steal the Spotlight

by admin

Never neglect your neck, especially during the blizzard months. Candy pink stripes, infinity scarves, and shawl designs are hot right now. You can even snag a scarf with pockets. So bundle up with some of our favorite scarf saviors this season.  


Handmade Lilac Scarf-Shawl



Shawls aren't just for your great-grandma Thelma any more. Especially this intricate lilac version. Wrap it around your shoulders while you're watching TV or fold it into a scarf on your way to the train.


Scarf, Now With Pockets



Scarves with pockets. Genius. Now you can tote your phone, your iPod, or maybe even a small dog. Check out how the vibrant orange sholdit works here. (Small dog probably not recommended.)


Cashmere Squiggle Scarf



Soft plum decadence comes with this fringed cashmere squiggle scarf. Just take it off before you eat your pumpkin muffin in the morning, because it's a crumb trap.


Classic Stripe Scarf



Candy pink stripes will keep your black winter coat from disappearing into the cold, December night. We love Gap's classic striped scarf.


Kite Striped Scarf



Colorful and cozy, this Anthropologie striped scarf was handmade by artists of the Zene Bosnia project, which helps employ women of southeastern Europe. Plus, it's super cute.


Felt Infinity Scarf



Play Robin Hood (or, you know, just go to work) in this hunter green and gold felt infinity scarf.


Sapphire Fringe Scarf



For big color, grab this sapphire scarf and let your chin sink in.


Cable Twist Cowlneck



Practical doesn't need to mean boring. We love this passionfruit hued cable cowlneck. All the warm, none of the flapping ends.