Secrets to Finding Heels That Won’t Kill Your Feet

by admin

Secrets to Finding Heels That Won’t Kill Your Feet

I’m the world’s biggest baby when it comes to heels—an Advil-popping, whimpering, limping-home-early-while-assessing-the-likelihood-of-contracting-hepatitis-if-I-walk-home-barefoot baby. So, as you can imagine, I’ve spent many hours of research and experimentation to find stylish heels that won’t render me crippled. I should have a PhD in shoe shopping by now! To save you from having to experiment, too, here’s what I’ve learned: It’s all about picking the right shoe. Click on for the definitive guide for choosing heels that will make you feel like you’re floating on air—not walking on hot coals.


Topshop Right Light Wood Stack Sandals



Stiletto heels are ultra-hot right up until they get caught in the crack of the sidewalk and a twisted ankle sends you flying across the pavement. Avoid the red-hot embarrassment of this scenario by wearing stacked heels instead of balancing on needles.


Seychelles Stop Traffic Wedge



A wedge heel allows you to distribute your weight evenly and is a good beginner heel for the clumsy. Keep these espadrille wedges chic with a pair of white skinny jeans.


Nine West Digin Boots



For maximum style and comfort, try ankle booties. They usually stay low to the ground and offer great ankle support.


Ivanka Trump Cleo4 Heel



A pointed-toe, business-casual heel will look good poking out from beneath a pair of flared pants—and the floral print is flirty and fun. No one needs to know you're only wearing two- or three-inch heels underneath.


Giuseppe Zanotti Platform Slingback



There is one exception to the height rule—if you can compensate with a platform toe so your arch is only extended by three inches (verses five), then go ahead and strut your stuff.


Roper Sweater Boot



The more support, the better. With this lace-up sweater boot, you'll maximize your stability. Plus, it's hard to be wimpy in shoes that make you look like a badass.


London Rebel Wedge Sneaker



These heels feel as casual as they look. Wedge sneakers are the perfect option for laidback style and maximum comfort. Pair with dark skinnies and a plain tank top for major fashion with minor effort.


Nicholas Kirkwood Lace Leather Pumps



The worst thing about heels is the pressure they apply to the ball of your foot. Is there any pain worse than this? (Okay, besides childbirth…) The slightly up-turned toe can help shift your weight back to your heel, more evenly distributing weight across your entire foot—almost as if you're walking in flats.


UGG Cosima Mid Boot



Boots are the best kind of ankle support. It's like wearing an ace-bandage, only less sports-medicine and more fashionista. P.S. Can you believe these are Uggs?


London Rebel Leather Attitude Cuban Heel



Through trial and error, I've found that Cuban heels are the most comfortable. Maybe it's the angle. I'm not really sure, but it works. Plus they're super cute and sturdy.


Dune Glaze Buckled Flatform Sandals



If all you want is height and don't mind looking like you have blocks strapped to your feet, wear platforms and flatforms. They're casual and comfy and you'll be the tallest girl on the block.