Shop Until You … Stop!

by admin

Shop Until You … Stop!

Fellow impulse, “I’m feeling low, gotta have it now,” shoppers! I have discovered a perfect way to get that rush when you see a pair of new spring strappy sandals that you just have to have but you really can’t afford. 

How does one dabble in the guilty pleasures of shopping for things, one, that we don’t need, two, that we already have and forgot about, and three, can’t afford due to the economic slump we’ve fallen into? The Internet comes to the rescue. 

Now I know you’re thinking, “Silly girl, I already shop online.” I’m sure your purchasing power has been mastered online, but the trick to this shopping is to spend valuable time, picking out the right style, size, and color, moving it into your shopping cart, and then doing the unheard of: delete!

The other night while I was home alone and bored, I started scouting for new shoes and a bag. I went to all the usual places that feed my addictions: Bluefly, Nordstrom, and Zappos. I found more than enough stuff to give me that familiar high. I even went as far as to move said items into the shopping cart, then I got up from the laptop, took a deep breath, closed one eye and I hit the delete key.

I was so exhausted from the thrill of the hunt that I had no desire to go back and try again. 

Just imagine if all addictions could be wiped out by a delete key, how simple life would be. So in this time of penny pinching and revisiting your closet to reinvent a new style, get online and go shopping. Just remember in the end to close that window. Walk away and feel good about conquering the beast for the moment.