Shopping for My Spice Girls

by admin

Shopping for My Spice Girls

In thinking about my Holiday to-shop-for list this year, I’m thinking that nearly all of my girlfriends fall under a category of Spice Girl. If you were wondering how I came to this profound realization, well, it went something like this: “Yikes, I have a wide variety of friends to shop for … well, variety is the spice of life … ooh, the Spice Girls’ comeback tour kicks off soon …”

Yes, I have Posh friends, Sporty friends, Scary friends, and Baby friends to shop for. I don’t have many uneaten Ginger friends on my list, but I do have feisty, independent women to shop for. This is my working list of stylish gifts for the stylish Spice Girls in my life who won’t already “tell me what they want, what they really really want!”

Baby Spice

Paint-By-Numbers Wallpaper: Baby likes to scribble on the walls. I might even toss in a pair of markers with this gift.

Silver Orchid Earrings: Ditch the daisy chains; Baby deserves exquisite orchid earrings (and Keep America Beautiful deserves the 10 percent profits).

Handknit Cape: Baby loves bunting, and this is handknit from sustainable bamboo. Baby Spice cares.

Posh Spice

Purse Pal: Hello? Posh can’t be expected to leave her handbag on the floor (and hello! $5 goes to Breast Cancer research).

Oversized Glasses: To shield posh eyes from less posh happenings.

Cropped Leather Jacket: A perfectly posh fit, but with a bad-posh-girl edge.

Sporty Spice

Unisex Sweatshirt: The classic for a sporty girl-on-the-go, and the high-and-low mix success when sported over a sexy dress or sequins.

Custom-Made Running Shoes: So sporty can compete in the style department too.

Sword Fighting Class: With movies like 300 and Beowulf ripping up the screens this year, Sporty will be inspired to master sword skills, like this class in Miami.

Scary Spice

Skull & Bones Ring: Even the sweetest scary spice will rock this ring.

Geisha Noir Eau De Parfum: A wickedly seductive and unique fragrance.

This Was Supposed To Be The Future Tee: Because she’s not afraid to say what needs saying.

Ginger Spice

GPS Navigator: Even the most independent woman needs a little navigation help to keep the space between A and B spicy.

Sterling Silver Pistol Pendant: She’s not your Grandma’s Pearls type of girl, so bow to her trigger-happy spirit with the unexpected charm of this unexpected charm.

Naughty Ginger Biscotti: Invite yourself over for tea!

I’m thinking that I’ll add a cheesy Spice Girls tee or poster to complete the irony of each gift, and maybe I’ll push the theme even further with a copy of their Greatest Hits album (available at Victoria’s Secret November 13). Ok, now to stock up on the leopard print paper and lacy pink ribbons…

Photo courtesy of  Pixsy.com