Sleepwear for Winter

by admin

Sleepwear for Winter

Though the weather outside isn’t exactly frightful just yet (it’s 70 degrees and sunny on Chicago streets today), we shouldn’t get too comfy. Snow and sleet are guaranteed to roll in soon, and thanks to the global warming phenomenon, we could easily be wearing shorts one day and seven layers the next. Couple the impending chill with the fact that it’s dark before the five o’clock bell rings, and it’s hibernation time. Soon we’ll be confined to our homes, sitting under a giant blanket and next to a pile of Netflix, lamenting the lack of sunlight and subsequent pale, ghostly sheen that our complexions now boast.

This winter, I’ve stumbled upon a new challenge. I was struck by the thought a few weeks ago, when the weather actually reflected autumnal qualities. During a stretch of extra chilly days, I found that I unconsciously ditched my cute pajamas (think vintage slips and camisole/undies sets—yes, I actually wear these) that I so adore during the warm weather months, and had turned instead to old t-shirts, ratty flannel pants, and my boyfriend’s oversized sweats. Okay, oversized can be cute for the first few days, I suppose, but after a week I started to feel sloppy. In my quest for keeping warm, I had abandoned my love for cute sleepwear and reached for anything with extra fabric.

It’s a pattern I repeat each year, but post-epiphany, I decided that this winter, I’m going for a sleeker sleep look. While it’s hardly scientifically proven, I think taking a little pride in nighttime outfits must contribute to confidence or something, right? At least, your sleep companion will be mighty pleased.

Stellina Night Shirt

We love a simple nightshirt from Stellina. It’s made of comfy cotton and has that relaxed, boyfriend’s shirt vibe, but the come-hither hemline shows off a little extra leg. It’s kind of the sleepwear equivalent of a little black dress—you want to look hot, but like you’re not trying too hard. It’s available at Isabella Fine Lingerie, $64.

Stellina PJ Set

Along those same lines, Stellina also offers an extended version of the cotton PJ shirt with a pajama set. It’s still got a bit of the masculine pajama feel, but it’s tailored to the female form. To me, this ensemble was just made to wake up slowly on a Sunday, drink coffee and do the crossword in bed. Also at Isabella Fine Lingerie, $98.

Alright, let’s take things to a saucier level. Try Only Hearts Chemise boasts lace and a soft pink color—two key elements of any good ultra-feminine look. Plus, it reveals just the smallest glimpse of what’s underneath, to remain mysterious. Sure, you might need an extra blanket or two … or will you? (Wink, wink). Available at G Boutique, $78.

Cara Slip

No post on anything even remotely lingerie-related would be complete without an item from Agent Provacateur. And since Chicago is getting our own outpost of this legendary lingerie shop in the next couple of months, I searched the site’s comprehensive Web site Agent Provacateur, for a must-have pajama piece. Here it is, the simple Cara slip ($280). This slinky little number offers French lace, a saucy slit, and an overall screen siren silhouette.

Francoise by Huit

Now to me, this is the ultimate, ultimate piece. From Huit, this comfy Francoise dress is perfect for all around-the-house occasions. Kick off your heels and throw off that confining skirt and throw this on. Wake up early on a Saturday for coffee and the paper and throw this on. Pull it on for a cozy nights sleep, don it for a 30 Rock marathon, or wear it for a day of around the house tasks. The best part? It translates easily to the outside world. Just throw on some ballet flats and leggings. From Catriona Mackechnie, $135.

Photos Courtesy of StoreAdore