Spinning New Life

by admin

Krochet Kids International’s hand-crocheted beanies have an easy, relaxed style with an edginess that hints at the founders’ snowboarding and surfing roots. But style is just the beginning of this Daily Grommet story. What started as an unusual hobby for three young guys from Spokane, Wash., has turned into a life-changing effort to help impoverished people learn how to crochet and, by extension, to support themselves.

The three guys are Kohl Crecelius, Travis Hartanov, and Stewart Ramsey, who were dubbed the “Krochet Kids” after they started crocheting their own hats in high school. Inspired by a desire to help people living in poverty, the three friends traveled to Uganda in 2007 and taught a small group of women how to crochet. Today, the nonprofit Krochet Kids organization employs eighty-seven women in Uganda who divide their time between crocheting beanies and attending classes on topics such as personal budgeting and business management. The mission of Krochet Kids is to blend humanitarian aid and financial education in a way that empowers people to become self-reliant.

Each hat is signed by its maker. Akot Beatrice, a mother of five, is just one example. “My dream is to see that one day all of my children achieve higher levels of education,” she says. “I dream to buy a piece of land where my family can settle peacefully.”

Krochet Kids recently expanded beyond beanies to include T-shirts and scarves. The apparel and accessories adhere to the same founding credo: to offer comfort and style while serving as a vehicle for social change. Hats off to that.

You can learn more about Krochet Kids, see our conversation with Kohl Crecelius, and purchase their gorgeous apparel and accessories here at Daily Grommet.

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