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People often ask how we choose Grommets. Sometimes we’re enamored with an inventive, beautifully crafted product. Other times a founder’s story is so compelling we want to share it. Or, we’re inspired by a company’s philanthropy. Occasionally, a Grommet is all of the above, like glassybaby.

A glassybaby is a hand-blown glass vessel that can be used as a candleholder, vase or drinking goblet. They’re colorful and extremely strong, just like their creator Lee Rhodes. Back in 1998, as the first designs were made, Lee was beginning a seven-year battle with lung cancer (which she fought and won while raising her three children). Lee placed tea lights in the goblets that a family member made for her, spread them around the house, and found they brought her comfort during a frightening, chaotic time. Lee started giving the hand-blown glass goblets as gifts, so others could experience the serenity, and glassybaby was launched.

Goodwill is a core part of Lee’s business. glassybaby has donated more than $300,000 to a wide range of nonprofit organizations, including charities that help cancer patients with everyday needs such as lodging, groceries and childcare. Seattle-area residents (like our friend Melinda Morbeck Lewison, who told us about glassybaby) have been avid supporters of glassybaby for many years, and we’re proud to help spread the word about these artful treasures. It’s not only the beautiful craftsmanship that makes glassybaby unique, but also the genuine spirit of love, hope and support that each glassybaby exudes. They’re truly special vessels.

Originally published on TheDailyGrommet