Spring 2009: Trend Report

by admin

Spring 2009: Trend Report

I’m counting the days until I can be released from wearing wool skirts, sweaters, and closed-toe shoes. Oh how I long to slide my feet into a pair of sandals, and don a free-flowing dress or skirt. I don’t have much longer to wait. Spring is just around the corner!

For spring 2009, the looks are so wide in diversity that you have pretty much the gamut to choose from, everything from metallic and brocade to the silkiest of silk. Here are my top five trends for spring 2009.

Heavy Metal
All that glitters is indeed gold … and silver … and bronze! With the economy being in the dull state that it’s in, perhaps wearing a little shine will brighten your outlook. With a touch of the retro ’80s and a dash of the opulence of the ’90s, designers have brought a new spin on the metals by adding this shining fabrication to items that are bit unexpected. Have you ever thought of wearing a pair of gold loafers?! Brocade fabrics are usually reserved for the cooler months, however for spring 2009, these lush fabrications will be out in droves. Find yourself a pretty sheath dress in a silver jacquard and you’ll look like a silver dollar!

Marrakesh or Bust
After watching the Ralph Lauren runway show, I had an urge to visit Morocco. Can you say Ali Baba? Opulent gold threading and embellishments, brocade fabrics, harem pants, and jumpsuits all make this Moroccan look come alive! The harem pants could be a little intimidating to wear, so, my suggestion is to leave this look to the professional fashionistas. There are many other ways to bring this style into your wardrobe for spring 2009. Look for silky, free-flowing fabrications in dresses that have either embellishments or gold threading. Also, like the heavy metal category, brocade and jacquards are hot. Look for a lightweight jacket or skirt made from this fabric. Remember gold, gold, and more gold!

Fruit Punch
Green apples, lemons, strawberries, tangerines, and grapes … mmm wouldn’t these delicious fruits add a fantastic punch of flavor into your spring wardrobe! Every year we know to bring out our brights for the sunny months, but this year, the hues are even more intense. Imagine yourself wearing a green apple ruffled-tiered dress with matching sandals and handbag. You’ll look good enough to eat!

Ruffles Have Ridges
So feminine and sweet are the ruffled details of today. Designers such as Lanvin made the 3D effect of ruffles, pleats, and origami look stunning for the runway. Some of the designs were sculpted with such amazement that I was left wondering how one would have the garment cleaned. Whether you choose to wear a completely ruffled blouse; or a dress or skirt with origami details, you will definitely be in the fashion forefront; and remember with ruffles, you can’t just have one (smile).

One Shouldered Seduction
The one shoulder silhouette was one of the biggest looks for the runway. Designers such as Marc Jacobs, Missoni, and Marchesa sent this marvel down the runway several times. You will look like a beautiful Grecian goddess in one these one-sided beauties for spring 2009. This look isn’t just reserved for dresses … but for tops as well!

I can tell you now—I’m going to have fun shopping for Spring 2009. H&M, here I come!