Spring Fashion Trends You Can Buy (and Wear) Now

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Spring Fashion Trends You Can Buy (and Wear) Now

Is your winter wardrobe giving you a serious case of the blahs? We have just the antidote to your dressing doldrums: Spring 2019. Just because the weather isn't screaming "closet overhaul" doesn't mean you can't get a jump start on next season's hottest clothing trends. So, what are you waiting for?


Au Naturel


Model wearing tan trench coat-style overall dress with belt over neon yellow short-sleeve t-shirt


Neutral colors are a huge trend for spring 2019 and super easy to incorporate into your fashion repertoire right now. Whether you go head-to-toe beige or for just a touch of tan, you are bound to get a lot of wear out of these versatile hues year-round. Try ASOS's Monki trench coat-style dress over a thin black turtleneck and tights for the cooler temps, then shed the layers when things warm up.

Shop It! Monki Overall Dress with Sided Belt in Beige, $56; asos.com





Spring Fashion Trends 2019 Chelsea28 Double Button Blazer


While menswear-inspired tailoring isn’t a new spring fashion trend, the season’s must-have piece has gone from the now ubiquitous plaid jacket to a more androgynous boxy blazer. Look for a loose fit and strong shoulders, but fear not: As this Chelsea28 double-button blazer shows, the oversized proportions and structure won’t look costumey when done in a solid hue.

Shop It! Chelsea28 Double Button Blazer, $99; nordstrom.com




Spring Fashion Trends 2019 ASOS Design Pleated Midi Skirt


A pale palette doesn’t have to read Easter or wait for spring’s arrival. Softer colors in cooler styles will look fashion forward instead of overly girly. Brushstrokes and a midi length add edge to the seafoam shade of this pleated ASOS Design skirt. So, go ahead, embrace lavender, blush (yes, it’s still going strong), baby blue, mint and more.

Shop It! ASOS Design Pleated Midi Skirt in Brush Stroke Print, $40; asos.com




Spring Fashion Trends 2019 Cupcakes and Cashmere Vivica Faux Leather Jacket


Whether you opt for the real thing or a vegan alternative (like this biker-chic Cupcakes and Cashmere Vivica moto jacket), there’s no denying that the leather look is a style must for spring 2019. The sophisticated and supple fabrication isn’t reserved for one season, so feel free to wear it now…and later.

Shop It! Cupcakes and Cashmere Vivica Faux Leather Jacket, $148; nordstrom.com




Spring 2019 Fashion Trends Topshop Utility Shirtdress


From cargo pockets to full-on workwear-inspired jumpsuits, utilitarian is a must-have trend for spring 2019. Want a more feminine spin? Opt for this olive Topshop utility shirtdress with a waist-defining belt. The overall style is the epitome of fashion meets function and, really, who can complain about having an extra place (or three) to stash a phone and lipstick?

Shop It! Topshop Utility Shirtdress, $75; nordstrom.com




Spring Fashion Trends 2019 Cotton Citizen Tokyo Crop Tee


Tie-dye will be everywhere come spring, and there’s really no reason to wait to wear this Woodstock-worthy clothing trend. Pair the ‘60s-inspired pattern with your favorite denim—a match made in hippie heaven. We’re loving how the cropped length of this Cotton Citizen Tokyo tee lends a modern twist. Grab an oversize jean jacket and peace out.

Shop It! Cotton Citizen Tokyo Crop Tee, $90; shopbop.com




Spring Fashion Trends 2019 J.Crew Long-Sleeve Everyday Cashmere Crewneck Sweater


Nothing says sunny quite like yellow. Perk up your wardrobe with the golden hue, stat, with this J.Crew burnished citron long-sleeve sweater in oh-so-versatile cashmere, and spring will seem that much closer. Plus, with neon being another heavy-hitter for spring, there’s not such thing as too bright. So, whether you go mellow or hello!, you’ll be on trend in 2019.

Shop It! J.Crew Long-Sleeve Everyday Cashmere Crewneck Sweater, $98; jcrew.com




Spring 2019 Fashion Trends Mikoh Sakai Knit Sweater


You don’t have to run a shop on Etsy to embrace spring’s DIY-looking fashion trend. Crochet and marcramé are no-brainers and easy to layer in cooler temps. Take this Mikoh Sakai open knit sweater, for example, which can be worn over a long-sleeve bodysuit for winter and a tank or bikini top come spring (or that vacation you’ve been dreaming about). Our motto: The more handmade looking, the better. What’s, er, knot to love?

Shop It! Mikoh Sakai Knit Sweater, $142; shopbop.com


Surfer Chic


Spring Fashion Trends 2019 Gap Vintage Graphic Crossover Pullover Hoodie


The best thing about this spring trend is that you don’t actually have to be able to balance on a surfboard to pull it off. (Bonus points for those who can.) And with a sea of Southern California-appropriate options—from graphic tees and sweatshirts, like this vintage-inspired stripe Gap hoodie, to SCUBA-inspired neoprene and full-on wetsuits—you’ll be ready to hang 10 in no time.

Shop It! Gap Vintage Graphic Crossover Pullover Hoodie, $60; gap.com




JDY Dot Print Tie Waist Midi Dress


Polka-dots don’t have to read Minnie Mouse. Temper the kitsch of this circular pattern with a streamlined cut or by wearing the print in moderation. Pro tip: The smaller the dot, the less Halloween-like it will look, as is the case with this ASOS JDY dot-print tie-waist midi dress featuring spots of differing colors and sizes. Just throw on a cardigan and you’re good to go.

Shop It! JDY Dot Print Tie Waist Midi Dress, $40; asos.com