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Check Out The Biggest Style Trends Pinterest Just Predicted For 2017

Pinterest is our go-to for helping decide what to wear each day, and what to buy to prep us for the season ahead. Luckily the stylish social site released their trend predictions for 2017. From stacked earrings and backless shoes to slip dresses and statement sleeves, here is what Pinterest is predicting will be on-trend for the new year.

Statement Sleeves

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We're all about going for the bold, and this trend is exactly what we were hoping to see in 2017. Pinterest saw statement sleeve searches jump 300 percent in 2016. Follow gibletparty's lead and pair bell sleeves with light and flowy fabrics for spring. Trust us — it's a breezy style that'll soon become your go-to.

Photo: gibletparty | Instagram

Slip Dresses

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Slip dresses are one of the most transitional wardrobe must-haves. Whether it's worn as a lightweight summer staple or layered with a sweater like eattravellaugh does for cooler weather, Pinterest sure knew what was up when they added slip dresses to the list.

Photo: eattravellaugh | Instagram

Tees That Make A Statement

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Statement tees that actually make a statement were added to Pinterest's list for 2017, and with the trend picking up right at the end of the year, we're excited to see messages like raphael2303's "The Future Is Female" carrying over into the new year.

Photo: raphael2303 | Instagram

Camel Coats

4 / 11


This classic neutral is a closet carry-over, meaning this Pinterest pick is a well-worthy investment. Like nyctoparis shows us, it's easy to pair with almost anything in your wardrobe, and it'll be "in" for many seasons ahead.

Photo: nyctoparis | Instagram

Distressed Denim

5 / 11


As if we didn't have enough reasons to love our worn and vintage denim, Pinterest predicts that it's time to opt for lighter hues, higher waists, and distressed styles, following in antonatienza's lead.

Photo: antonatienza | Instagram

Stacked Earrings

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Pinterest is expecting earring stacking to be on the rise in 2017. Don't you worry — it may involve more ear piercings, or it could simply be trying the temporary ear cuffs, just like amothersedit chose to do. Either way, the new year is bound to be an ear gem party.

Photo: amothersedit | Instagram

Necklines Creeping Upward

7 / 11


As one of Pinterest's most cozy predictions, higher necklines are set to make it big in 2017. Follow josi.divae's lead and jump on this trend now. It's a worthy investment that looks like it'll be making its mark in the new year.

Photo: josi.divae | Instagram

Pins And Embellishments

8 / 11


The easiest way to spruce up an old denim jacket are pins and embellishments, and Pinterest saw that pin searches were up 800 percent in 2016. It looks like it's time to add some spice to your classic favorites — pinsnpongs "Over It" is just one uber-adorable way to do it!

Photo: pinsnpongs | Instagram

Easy, Breezy Airport Style

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Thanks to stylish celebs like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, airport style is booming. (Up 1,600 percent this year!) chiaraferrangi proves that you can look seriously cute, and feel comfy while going to the airport — or even class and work!

Photo: chiaraferrangi | Instagram

Backless Shoes

10 / 11


These shoes scream comfy, and Pinterest recommends that you look into styles beyond the traditional mules. Try backless sneakers, slides, and even stilettos. As nahappyvirusmi proves, the opportunities to style these are endless.

Photo: nahappyvirusmi | Instagram

Hair Scarves

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Second-day hair got you feeling less than 100 percent? Pinterest is predicting that scarves and head wraps will tide you over in the new year. maja.will effortlessly proves that scarf accessories are perfect for any fashionista to try as her new year's resolution.

Photo: maja.will | Instagram

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