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We Know Your Perfect Prom Dress Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The biggest, best-dressed night of the year definitely needs some special star sign style. Let your zodiac sign lead the way to your perfect prom queen dress!

Aquarius: La Femme Sleeveless Crewneck Cutout Halter Gown, Plum

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Any Aquarius knows a lot of thought and care must go into the prom-dress-picking process. Luckily for you, this purple dress is a no-brainer!

To buy: Neiman Marcus; $298

Photo: Neiman Marcus

Pisces: Bayou Strapless Sweetheart Gown, Mist

2 / 12


Perhaps the most peaceful and serene of the Zodiac, Pisces should wear dresses that emanate cool, refreshing waters. The sweetheart neckline is also a subtle reference to your kind nature, BTW.

To buy: Neiman Marcus; $298

Photo: Neiman Marcus

Aries: BCBG Angie Halter-Neck Gown

3 / 12


As the first sign of the traditional Zodiac, you need to be able to stand out within seconds. This fiery red gown is sure to turn you into the hottest queen around (literally).

To buy: BCBG; $338

Photo: BCBG

Taurus: Dress The Population Sidney Lace Gown

4 / 12


A true Taurus knows picking out the perfect dress is hard work. But as an Earth sign, this lace gown will make all the stress of dress-selecting a breeze.

To buy: Nordstrom; $308

Photo: Nordstrom

Gemini: B. Darlin Tonal Beaded High-Neck Illusion-Yoke Long Open-Back Two-Piece Dress

5 / 12


Representing the embodiment of two different twins, Geminis need a dress that can be both elegant and fierce. After all, you are the most deserving of a two-piece dress!

To buy: Dillard's; $149

Photo: Dillard's

Cancer: Illusion Off-the-Shoulder Gown

6 / 12


Cancers are the most imaginative members of the Zodiac, so it's only fitting their ideal dress is an optical illusion in itself. People will be asking you where you got your dress all night long!

To buy: Bloomingdale's; $228

Photo: Bloomingdale's

Leo: RD And Koko Embroidered Dress

7 / 12


Leos are creative and passionate folk thanks to their fire sign status. Only someone as bold as a lion could rock this floral layered dress (aka you!).

To buy: Forever 21; $65

Photo: Forever 21

Virgo: Sayge Plum Maxi Dress

8 / 12


Virgos are practical beings above all else, so simple yet sophisticated dresses suit you best. The bodycon silhouette of this gown also features an open back you'll die for!

To buy: TOBI; $66

Photo: TOBI

Libra: Just Say Flow Layered Dress

9 / 12


Libras are known for their sense of balance in all areas of life, so it's only natural your prom dress be a high-low stunner. You'll be the epitome of elegance no matter what the night throws at you!

To buy: Nasty Gal; $78

Photo: Nasty Gal

Scorpio: Silence + Noise Electra Mesh Maxi Dress

10 / 12


Scorpios never shy away from a challenge, especially when it comes to finding the perfect prom dress. Complete with mesh inserts, this dress will keep you cool all night long no matter how hot it gets on the dance floor.

To buy: Urban Outfitters; $149

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Sagittarius: Athea Drape Maxi

11 / 12


Sagittarius is the most mobile of the Zodiac, always needing to be on the move. Thanks to the impeccable draping of this goddess-esque gown, you'll never be tied down by your own dress!

To buy: Free People; $250

Photo: Free People

Capricorn: Morgan & Co. Plus Banded Illusion-Waist Gown

12 / 12


Everyone knows Capricorns mean business 24/7. This blue gown is both professional and chic and even features a slit to show everyone you're the boss.

To buy: Dillard's; $149

Photo: Dillard's

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