Spring Picks: Eco-Friendly Fashion

by admin

Spring Picks: Eco-Friendly Fashion

There’s something about the springtime that makes me want to frolic through the flowers, lie in the grass, and hug the trees. Okay, so maybe I don’t actually go around embracing bark, but there is a part of me that wants to take extra good care of the earth as it starts to come back to life after a harsh winter. And what better way to do that and celebrate Earth Day by wearing eco-friendly clothes? I know what you’re thinking … “Ugh, I don’t want to wear a shift that’s made completely of hemp and scratches me every time I put it on.” That’s a valid point, but there’s good news—you don’t have to support a healthy environment by covering your body in hemp. Don’t believe me? See for yourself. Here are six awesome pieces of eco-friendly clothing that you’ll look damn good in and feel damn good about wearing.


Eco Swim Halter Bikini Top and “Babe” Hipster Bikini Bottoms: Eco Swim is owned by a family that designs, fits, cuts, and sews these bathing suits in their own home. The company also funds clean-up projects and has helped to remove 615 pounds of trash from the Delaware River. That’s reason enough to sport this tan suit aaall summer long. ($60 top/$58 bottoms, Nordstrom)

Red Ink Top: I have an ink-ling that this 100 percent organic cotton shirt is going to be my new favorite. ($85, Monolog)

Acai Berry Dress: Oh, look! It’s an eco-friendly sailor headed our way! ($98.54, Donnadonella.com)

Apple and Bee Lovebirds Tote: Why are these lovebirds so happy, you ask? Because they’re made out of 100 percent organic cotton and they’re helping save the earth one tweet at a time. ($46, Kaightshop.com)

Maniac Dress: For Earth Day, Alternative Apparel will plant a tree for every Alternative Earth product sold. Just enter the code FOREST at checkout and a tree will be planted in your name. Do it, I dare you. You’d be a maniac not to. ($54, Alternativeapparel.com)

Signature Mini Tags: This darling necklace is made out of recycled silver and is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Make your mom happy and help the environment; you’re like Superman. ($125, Isabellegracejewelry.com)