Spring Wardrobe Updates That Won’t Siphon Your Savings

by admin

Spring Wardrobe Updates That Won’t Siphon Your Savings

We know that giving your style a spring scrubbing can be pricey and you have plenty of other things you need to spend your dollars on. So, here are some of our favorite spring trends that won’t cause severe sticker shock.


Flower Shower



Floral dresses are the best way to usher in the warmer months. We love this bold wraparound dress dotted with vintage flowers. And it's not just good for flip flops; pair it with boots and an oversize cardigan when those inevitable spring showers hit.


Sheer Animal



Animal print is roaring to life again. Add some fresh blood to your closet with this sheer dropped hem skirt.


Striped Bikini



It's coming. You can feel it. Like the theme music from Jaws, all the dire warnings in the world won't save us from…bathing suit season. What better way to ease into the chilly waters than with this adorable striped halter bikini?


Bold Colors



Indulging in bright pops of color is one of the best ways to update your closet. Whether it's a bright yellow bangle or green patent flats, adding a little color can be as invigorating as a full-blown shopping spree. We think this hot blue dress with its front panels and short skirt does the job admirably.


Metal and Lace



Fusing two of our favorite trends—metallics and lace—this stunner of a top will carry you through a board meeting when paired with a simple tailored jacket or a casual party with friends when topping a denim skirt. Sleek yet soft, it has a vintage feel with a modern edge. Way to multitask, shirt.


Neon Bangle



Remember that bold bangle we hinted at? We wouldn't just leave you hanging! Neon is making quite the comeback, and you can partake, even if you don't want to deck yourself out in full-blown neon orange. We love this bright enamel bracelet from Express for just the right amount of day-glo pop.


Rain Repellant



Into every life a little rain must fall. Luckily, you can look cute while you're getting wet—especially with this canvas trench raincoat from Old Navy. Roll up the sleeves for a hint of color on a gray day.


Spring Sweaters



Sometimes a spring dress needs a little warmth and a lightweight cardi is the answer. We love this pale pink cardigan from the Gap for covering up those arms without adding unneeded bulk.


Spring Slink



Need something slinky for a spring fling? You don't have to take out a loan to look great on a date. We love this sheer cutaway maxi dress, and the price couldn't be friendlier.