‘Store’play—Shopping With Your Man

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‘Store’play—Shopping With Your Man

A Social Diva’s guide to Atlanta: shopping with your man!

There’s no reason why being a Social Diva can’t also mean being part of a fabulous couple! And maybe, just maybe, your man is so great he loves to shop! Who is better than him? But then comes the question: where oh where to shop with your man? Because nothing brings lovers together like retail….

After all, aside from your mutual adoration of each other, the two of you are pretty different. He likes to watch boxing, you like little blue boxes; you’re a MAC addict, he prefers a PC; and the list goes on. But when it comes to fashion, there’s one thing you can agree on: you’ve both got style. So spend your time doing something guaranteed to make sparks fly (at least for you): shop! If you both want to get yours, pick a store that sells both women’s and men’s fashions. Here’s where to get your couple-friendly shop-on in Atlanta:

Urban Outfitters
(Lenox Square)
Go for the clothes and stay for the home accessories. Urban Outfitters always carries an eclectic collection of coffee table books you can flip through with your date, unless, of course, you’re too busy gazing into each other’s eyes. (3393 Peachtree Road, 404.264.8849)

Bill Hallman
Although the women’s and men’s stores are separate at Bill Hallman, you’ll both enjoy seeing the other’s retro memorabilia and posh décor. With a variety of fashion labels—both mainstream and local—this store puts the “special” in specialty. And you, my dear, put the “diva” in divine. (792 N. Highland Avenue, 404.876.6055)

Blue Genes
(Shops Around Lenox)
Take your date to Blue Genes where both of you can choose from a virtual jean pool. Watching him wriggle in and out of different pairs of denim will most certainly get you in the mood for a dance of a different kind. (3400 Around Lenox Drive, Suites 216 and 217, 404.231.3400)

(Lenox Square & Perimeter Mall)
Shopping at Metropark is a little bit like going to a club—a very fashion-forward and hip club. Both of you will find offbeat brands, premium denim, and a wildly delicious selection of accessories. And, whether it’s a DJ spinning on the one-twos or hip-hop bumping in your ears, shopping here will warm up your engine.
(3393 Peachtree Road, 404.846.6054 & 4400 Ashford-Dunwoody Road, 770.390.9226)

(Atlantic Station)
Cozy couches, plasma TVs, and a chic décor will set the mood for an intimate day of shopping at Knitch, where loitering is most definitely encouraged. Scale the racks of designer duds with your honey, and then indulge in sneakers and accessories for dessert.
(232 19th Street, 404.238.0200)

And that, Diva, is what we call Retail Therapy for two!