Studs and Spikes: 6 Simple Ways to Give Your Look Some Edge

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Studs and Spikes: 6 Simple Ways to Give Your Look Some Edge

A trend that has been around for a while now but is making a huge comeback this fall, is the use of studs and spikes in jewelry and clothing. These rough and tough embellishments can be seen adorning everything from shoes and shirt collars to bracelets and necklaces. I personally love this trend because it is a great way to add a little edge into your look with out being to overbearing. There are so many ways to rock this “rocker” trend. I'm showing you how to work this trend into your fall wardrobe in six simple ways. 

1. Spike-Embellished Jewelry
The easiest and most wallet-friendly way to wear this trend is with jewelry. Throwing on a spiked bracelet like Helena from Brookyln Blonde did (above left) or necklace like I did above adds a bit of edge to your look. I love these options below! 

2. Spike-Embellished and Studded Hats
This fall I'm seeing a ton of hats with studs. My favorites are baseball caps with embellished bills—like the one worn by Cara Loren above—and fedoras with added spikes and studs at the brim—like the one worn by Anne Di of Beauty Bitten

3. Stud-Embellished Bags
One of my favorite ways to wear this trend is with studded and spiked bags.  It's the perfect way to add a little rocker-chicness to each outfit, just as Christine Andrew of Hello Fashion did in this photo. An embellished bag is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to fully commit to this trend. You can rock your bag when you're in the mood, and simply switch to another when you're not feeling it. 

4. Studded Hair Accessories 
How fun is this look? Adding spikes and studs in your hair is another fun way to rock this trend. From ponytail holders to headbands, this is another affordable option. Jenni of I Spy DIY made this pretty spiked hadband, but you can also find equally chic accessories at lots of stores. 

5. Stud-Embellished Shoes and Boots
From boots to heels and flats to sneakers, embellished footwear is everywhere for the fall season. Check out these stud-backed boots worn by Amber from Barefoot Blonde or the drool-worthy Valentino heels worn by Soraya Bakhtiar. Wearing this trend on your feet is an easy addition to any outfit. I'm lusting over these: 


6. Stud-Embellished Clothing
The most daring way to wear this trend is on your clothing. Studded and spiked collars are back for fall, and I'm excited to invest in a few more. I love the gold-studded collar on the blouse worn by Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific. Another trend for the season is embellished jackets. I love this bomber pictured above with studded sleeves. It's edgy but chic. If you think wearing spikes and studs on your clothing is a little too edgy for you, try wearing it with a plain tee like Helena of Brooklyn Blonde did above. When wearing this trend try to contrast the edge with girly pieces like a flirty skirt or dress. A few faves: 

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