From Sweat Pants and Clogs to Hell on Heels and Other Confessions of a Not-So Fashionista

by admin

From Sweat Pants and Clogs to Hell on Heels and Other Confessions of a Not-So Fashionista

I like fashion and style.  I really do.  I even dream of being stylish and fashionable in my own right, but I’ve got a long way to go.  Let’s just say that I could probably be the poster child for the TV show What Not to Wear.  I was recently dining in a charming little café,  Amelia’s Tea & Bakery. Just the name, Amelia’s, kind of exudes certain sophistication.  I sat there working away on my laptop (and no, I haven’t graduated to an IPAD yet although I aspire to), when the thought suddenly occurred to me that I was an unsophisticated mess.  There I was without a smidgen of makeup on, my hair barely combed, desperately long-overdue for a manicure and wearing an old pair of scuffed up Birkenstock clogs (without socks I might add).  Rounding out my attire was boot cut jeans that I proudly bought on sale for fifteen bucks and a vintage looking t-shirt that I found in a boutique in downtown Nashville with the phrase Nashville ~ Music City printed down the side.  Two words came to mind:  fashion disaster!  In fact on most days, fashionistas everywhere would likely look at me in dismal gloom.

I like to dress up when there’s a special occasion.  I’ll even wear cute shoes, but I have to admit that I’m hell on heels and look about as graceful as an ostrich when walking in them.  Undeniably . . .  I wear jeans, sweat pants and t-shirts far more often than I should.  And those clogs I mentioned, well let’s just say that they have been one of my wardrobe staples for nearly two years.  I wear them almost every day – even to church!  I’d describe my style at casual and comfortable, but some days I’m downright frumpy.  This, I’ve got to overcome!
I’m writing this article not only as a confession, but as a self-intervention.  I’ve decided to give myself a style makeover!  I’m going to revamp my closet, rid myself of so many worn out tees and such, and try to start shopping smarter, cuter and more fashionable.  I can do this!  I’ve even been visiting designer sites like BetseyJohnson.com (bold, flirty + fun), StellaMcCartney.com, and DonnaKaran.com to name a few.  I’ve also been reading about fashion  icons – Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen.  It’s remarkable what you can learn when you put forth a little effort.  Thank you Google!

I’m practical, down-to-earth and basically shop four places on a regular basis.  I like Coldwater Creek, Kohl’s, Target and Maurice’s.  These stores have good sales, accommodate my budget and I can usually find clothing for my plus size figure.  (And yes… weight loss is yet another goal I’m striving toward.)  I’ve decided that I can continue to shop those four places and still dress cute and stylish instead of so frumpy.  I’m planning to go from drab to fab!  You can do it too.  Target recently announced that they’ll be carrying designer apparel by Missoni in addition to some of the other well-known designer fashions.  Plus, Kohl’s carries the Simply Vera line by Vera Wang along with several other designer partnerships. I have options and no reason to make excuses to dress more fashionable.  Maybe this not-so fashionista can turn into a style diva in no time.  Now if you’ll please excuse me, I have a closet to clean!