Tackling Trends with Taste

by admin

Tackling Trends with Taste

Does following the trends make us “trendy?” Are you sporting ruffles on the derriere when you already have enough junk in your trunk? Are you buying the Isabel Toledo navy cocktail dress with ruches and ruffles in silk organza only because Michelle Obama sported her two-piece ensemble at the Inaugural Address? Well if you are doing the former then yes, and if you are doing the latter then also yes; YOU ARE TRENDY! But how do we follow the trends without being trendy?

Each season we “fashionistas” try to make sense of the trends posted by everyone from In Style magazine to Neiman Marcus. In Style boasts the silky trend, the safari trend, the hourglass trend and the embellished trend, just to name a few. Pink, one-shoulder dressing, snakeskin accessories, statement shoes, ruffles, bold jewelry, graphics, colorful cardigans and carryalls grace the Dressing to the Nines list for Neiman Marcus Spring of ’09. Yikes! How do we make sense of all of this? The options are overwhelming.

Well here’s my advice: You still select items of clothing because you LOVE it, it looks great on you, and it fills a need. Don’t be seduced because it’s the look of the moment. There are plenty of styles that I simply pass on because my shape isn’t meant for skinny jeans or my age is passed the time I can/should wear mini skirts or pink is not my favorite color. If you select pieces that you love and look good on you, then you will accidently pick up a few trends and look current, not trendy. Case in point: I love the Vince voile ruffle blouse in navy and the Banana Republic snakeskin clutch. My grandmother Clara’s yellow gold wide cuff watch with a diamond motif is very modern and fresh. So here, without thought, are three trends incorporated into my wardrobe.

So next time you are tempted to buy that Current/Elliot rolled boyfriend jean for $230.00 and know that the Gap has a very similar boyfriend jean for $59.00; stop yourself and say, “Does this baggy style, ripped up, and rolled up cuff denim even look good on me?” Katie Holmes was sporting this look, but should I? That is the moment you know you are not trendy, just following the trends.