A Tall Girl’s Quest to Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans

by admin

A Tall Girl’s Quest to Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans

Standing at a sky-scraping 6’1", I’m met with at least one of the following comments or questions each day: 

“Wow! You’re tall!” 

“Do you play basketball?” 

 “Why are you wearing heels?” 

And my personal favorite, “How tall are you? It must be really hard for you to find guys to date.” 

Yes, people really do say these things. Infuriating comments aside, I actually like my towering frame. What I don’t like, however, is the frustration of rarely finding jeans that fit my insanely long legs.   

My quest for the prefect pair started in middle school, when no matter how much I stretched my wet jeans or how dangerously/inappropriately low I wore them, my Paris Blues just wouldn’t slouch over my platform Rocket Dogs the way they did on all the other girls. Since missing out on the joy of wearing dazzling denim was completely out of the question, I embarked on a mission to find the jeans I always dreamed of—jeans that wouldn’t be mistaken for capris and that I could even wear with—gasp!—heels. The journey was a long one, rife with disappointment, defeat, and even a mild breakdown in an Saks dressing room. But my determination kept me afloat and I managed to find a few pairs that fit impeccably. Tall girls, take note.    

True Religion Joey, Thirty-Seven-Inch Inseam
Since every fashionable girl I know owns a pair, I figured I would be over mine faster than Paris was with her Von Dutch hats. I figured wrong. They look great dressed up or down and have the perfect amount of stretch.  

Joe’s Jeans, the Twiggy
Ultra-slimming with a subtle boot-cut, these look great with chunky platforms or tucked into tall boots.  

Gap Long and Lean
I bought my first pair of Long and Leans in high school and wore them until they ripped at the left knee. Then I continued to wear them. Priced at a reasonable $59.99, they’re a recession friendly, guilt-free investment. 

Rock & Republic Kasandra
Sprinkle your wardrobe with a bit of rock-n-roll in these jeans—available in over ten washes, it’s hard not to buy more than one pair.   

Seven for All Mankind Long Legs
The brand that started the designer denim craze continues to please with a solid selection of long inseam jeans. I’m a huge fan of the Dark New York “A” Pocket. 

Hudson Supermodel
The name alone is enough to make you feel hot. Channel your inner Naomi Campbell (minus the whole cell phone throwing thing) in a pair of these lesser-known, but equally chic, jeans. 

While my years of searching for the perfect extra-long pair of jeans have finally paid off, I’m still on the hunt for that extra-tall man to wear them out on a date with.