Target on the Brain

by admin

Target on the Brain

Recently on The Today Show, they had a fashion show with “affordable,” stylish, spring clothes. I promptly plopped myself on the sofa and accepted the fact that my kids would have to be late to school (again). As a girl who loves the Neiman’s, Barney’s, Sak’s corridor on Wilshire, “affordable” is undeniably appealing.

Along the same lines, that Marshall’s commercial, where the girl is weeping as she gives her bridesmaid toast at a wedding, is something I can totally relate to (you think she’s weeping about the bride, but it turns out she’s overwhelmed at her incredible dress purchase at Marshall’s).

So, with those two things in mind, I finally made a trip to Target. I’ve been a fan of Proenza Schouler for some time, having bought a few pieces from Barney’s. And, I’d seen rather curious ads touting them as Target’s latest designer. Could Target possibly replicate some of the fashion-forwardness of this high-end design team? It was worth a try.

Honestly, I was skeptical as I gunned the engine down the freeway toward the La Brea Target. In my experience, cheap is cheap, no matter how good it looks on TV or in a magazine. I can’t stand clothes with frayed edges, seams that don’t match, and threads popping out all over. These cheapies never fit or hang right and I always end up selecting something else in my closet.

Entering the women’s department at the cavernous store, my heart sank. Prime position was given to the racks with Isaac Mizrahi’s cheesy frocks. They were in yucky pastels and polyester. God get me to Neiman’s!

However, at the other end of the department, low and behold, was the Proenza Shuller line. It was, in fact, good looking with cropped and longer summer pants and cotton short and long sleeve tops—nothing too crazy—but nice casual wear. And, I loved the colors: beige, ivory, navy blue, and green. The only problem was that it was almost completely sold out. There were only large and extra-large sizes left.

There was a pretty pink and orange sundress I would have liked to try on, as well as a navy top—but only in the large sizes.

I did find a pair of beige and white seersucker pants and knee-length shorts in “small.” Both had pretty detail—a white grosgrain ribbon down the side. I bought both items for less than $70. 

More good news! I brought them home and still liked them! The only negative was I didn’t like that you could see the rather bulky pockets thought the seersucker on the pants. So, I had my tailor cut the pockets out—which cost $15. 

Buoyed by my success, I made a trip to another Target to see if I could find more Proenza Schouler. But, no luck. That store had even less in stock that the first one. Still, I came away from the Target take feeling giddy. Not as giddy as the Marshall’s girl, but satisfied nonetheless.