Ten Gifts for the Workaholic in Your Life

by Caroline Wilbert

Ten Gifts for the Workaholic in Your Life

Do you have a workaholic on your holiday shopping list, a guy or gal with no hobbies or interests outside the office? While you may be tempted to buy this person a coupon for therapy, that is likely to spoil the festive mood on Christmas morning. So, if all he cares about is work, why not just buy him something to enhance his professional life? Here are my top ten picks for the workaholic in your life:


1. Since your workaholic is most likely addicted to her Blackberry, consider some accessories—maybe a pink case or a travel charger or a dashboard mount (seriously this stuff exists!).


2. Have you ever had one of those squishy stress balls? If so, you know how addictive they can be. Office Playground offers a whole host of stress balls—great stocking stuffers for workaholics. My favorite: the one that looks like a $100 bill.


3. When your workaholic travels, he no doubt uses that time on the plane to catch up on … work. So as not to disturb the more well-adjusted sleepers around him, give him the USB FlexLight, which lights up the keyboard. It gets power from the USB port, so it doesn’t need batteries.


4. Feng Shui masters believe the Money Tree delivers wealth and good fortune. Your workaholic will no doubt get a kick out of his own tree, which is bound to add humor (and a little oxygen) to any office or cubicle.


5. Since workaholics don’t see their families much, I suggest a picture frame for the desk. The digital frames are cool, allowing your workaholic to enjoy a slideshow of family photos on his desk. He can even watch videos (“Oh, wow, Joe Jr. has learned to talk!”). Of course, old-fashioned frames are also nice. There’s a great selection at Exposures.


6. Any chance your workaholic is old-fashioned enough to keep a non-digital calendar? The New Yorker makes wonderful date books, with plenty of cartoons to entertain your workaholic while he makes appointments.


7. If your workaholic is a woman, I suggest a subscription to Pink Magazine. Business mags are mostly by and about men, and it’s cool to see one aimed at career women.


8. A lovely pen. Tiffany has a nice selection, including the Elsa Peretti retractable pen.


9. Because business decisions are often gambles, workaholics will love keeping the sterling silver buy/sell/hold die from Tiffany on their desks.


10. A good massage. All that stress—and time spent hunched over a keyboard, squeezed into an airplane seat, and trapped in a conference room—are bound to create knots in your workaholic’s back. Find a spa near her office (she’s not going to sacrifice too much time she could otherwise be working) at SpaFinder.