Thanksgiving Made Chic

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Thanksgiving Made Chic

In the past few weeks, a slew of my friends have announced that they’re breaking with family tradition (dinner at Aunt Sue’s followed by a slide show of her most recent Caribbean cruise) and hosting their own Thanksgivings. The problem is, many haven’t really cooked before, let alone prepared a bird and feast for twelve.

But some handy Googling (and a few too many episodes of Sandra Lee’s Semi Home Made Cooking) have them thinking that this Turkey Day will be a snap—and not just because they forgot to defrost the turkey before putting it in the deep fryer.

So at the request of my dear friends, we’ve decided to share with you the items we’ve deemed “must haves” for the upcoming holiday. Hopefully you and yours can use them to add to old traditions and create new ones, too.

Wine and turkey isn’t always an easy match—after all, will Chardonnay or Riesling pair better with those sweet potatoes and broccoli casserole your friends are bringing? With wine service Bottlenotes, my friends don’t have to worry. It’s a space where wine lovers can compare notes, share favorites, and solicit suggestions—plus it offers a wine club where you can order wines based on a personalized tasting profile.

The newlyweds are finally getting a chance to use all of that wedding registry china, courtesy of stores like the famed NYC outpost Maxwell-Silver. For such a (hopefully) colorful meal, consider choosing machine-washable and relatively plain serve ware, like this simple Frances Palmer “pearl” set.

In case your relatives are the guilt-tripping type, be sure to sub in at least one recent family photo (including Aunt Jane and Uncle “crazy man” Joe) in this modular gallery frame from RedEnvelope.com. Once they’re safely down the road, you can put back that snapshot of you and your dog.

Baking’s not your strong suit? Order up a dozen cupcakes or more from everyone’s favorite, Sprinkles. Seasonal flavors like pumpkin will add a whimsical touch to the holiday. Plus, they’re portable … that is, if your guests are too full from dinner to eat them until the ride home. (For semi-homemade types, mixes are also available.)

In case guests are staying overnight, why not “whip up” one of these maple pumpkin cranberry cakes for a morning of (or morning after) treat? At nineteen dollars each, they’re one sweet deal. Available from Dancing Deer Baking Company.

Set a stunning centerpiece with these shimmering leaves. They’re ten dollars for three from PlumParty.com. They’re simple yet so right for the holidays … and they’ll work through New Year’s too. 

Photo Courtesy of StoreAdore