These Sold-Out Thong Jeans Take Ripped Denim To The Extreme

by Sidney Burds

These Sold-Out Thong Jeans Take Ripped Denim To The Extreme

In a world where you can truly be anything you want, thong jeans now live among us.

Now, I’m all for less is more, and with summer temps creeping in you have to be strategic with the few layers you’re wearing. But this new jeans trend is something else entirely. This controversial denim invention first made its blip on our timelines last fall at Tokyo Fashion Week, when designer Thibaut had a model strut down the runway in a pair of barely there denim.

How bare are we talking? These jeans consist of a waistband, seams, and cut out panels for where the rest of the fabric would stretch across the legs.

Let us introduce you to thong jeans.

So, everyone had a good laugh or pearl clutching moment and moved on, right? Wrong.

Fast-forward to today. L.A.-based brand Carmar Denim has created a $168 pair in the style of Thibaut’s thong jeans.

Carmar Denim Extreme Cut Out Jeans

And now they’re completely sold out—and there’s a waitlist.

To be fair, this isn’t the first denim thong. Extra-extra short Daisy Dukes were a notable piece of PrettyLittleThing’s wild new festival collection. And extreme denim trends are definitely not new. Remember Vetements x Levi’s zip-up jeans… where the zip-up was in the back?

Who are these everyday people strutting about in these thong jeans and giving chaps a run for their money? Carmar Denim has been quick to post on its Instagram the living proof that real people are sporting, and loving, these extreme cut-out jeans.


Sicker than your average 🔥 #carmardenim #extremecutoutjeans #trending

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Who wouldn’t want a pair of these easy…



Pants off fuck it, pants off

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…beautiful (?)…


BRING IT ON 💥 #day2 #carmardenim #saturdaze

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…thong jeans?

Now if you’re feeling some FOMO and are waiting impatiently on the wait list, don’t be alarmed! Just reach for some old jeans, your craft scissors, and let your DIY freak flag fly!