Think Pink for Spring

by admin

Think Pink for Spring

Pink is big for spring, and there are some gorgeous ways to wear the color. But before you overhaul your spring wardrobe, find a shade that works best for your skin tone. Here's a tip. Use your undertone–or the color that lies beneath your skin–to determine the right color for you. The three primary undertones are warm, cool, and neutral. If you notice a green tint to your veins you have a warm undertone and should try peachy, fiery pinks with a red base. But if your veins are crystal blue, your cool undertone looks best in powder or mauve pinks with a blue base. Neutral undertones have a combination of visible vein colors and can wear any shade. Here's how three bloggers incorporated pink into their spring looks.

If you are a pink fanatic go for an head-to-toe look like the one shown (left) on Hallie Swason of Hallie Daily.

If pink is not your thing, but you want to participate in the trend, try adding a pop of pink by incorporating a great handbag or shoe to your outfit like Veronica of Bittersweet Colours did (middle). And never underestimate the impact of a great shade of lipstick.

Lastly, adding a signature pink piece is another great way to add the color in your wardrobe. Jenny of Margo and Me (right) creates a perfect black canvas for the camel and pink coat! 

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