The Top 10 WTF Looks from NYFW Runways

by admin

While most of the looks that sashayed down the SS13 NYFW runways had me counting down the minutes until spring and wondering if I could sell a kidney in order to support my fashion habit. Some of the looks left me scratching my head and screaming at my computer, “WHO THE HELL WOULD WEAR THAT?!” If you’re into vagina dresses, formal postal workers, and beekeeping nuns, this is the round-up for you! Click through for the best WTF outfits from Fashion Week.


Rachel Comey



We’re all adults here, so I feel I can point out the obvious. THIS DRESS LOOKS LIKE A VAGINA! Rachel Comey usually puts out wonderful and wearable collections, so how did this one pass quality control. Did no one on her staff point out the fact that this dress looks like it has some giant lady parts sewn on the front?!


Duckie Brown



I spend a lot of time thinking about my dream man. I don’t know about you, but I usually picture him being tall, dark, and handsome and wearing a Canadian Tuxedo with a leash attached (for easy wrangling).


The Blonds



You know how sometimes you want to cover up your actual nipples, but then wear something with sparkly fake nipples over where your actual nipples should be? Yeah, me either.





I cringe to think how many muppets had to die for this dress to be made. Expect this very hairy confection to be spotted on Lady Gaga at an award show next season.


Betsey Johnson



Betsey Johnson recently declared bankruptcy, and from the looks of this outfit I’m not too surprised. Where the hell would one wear this outfit?! Maybe you’re going to a pool party rave where there will be lots of broken glass (hence the sneakers)? Maybe you could get away with this outfit at Carnival? More than anything, I think wearing this outfit would just point out your incredibly poor taste.


Tommy Hilfiger



When this outfit was completed, Tommy stepped back to appraise his work and announced, “I call this one, ‘Formal Postal Worker.’” For the postal workers with a little extra money to spend, this one’s for you! For everyone else, just walk away slowly and avert your eyes.


Thom Brown



Sometimes when I run out of clean underwear, I’ll wear a bathing suit bottom instead. The same logic does not apply to shirts. When you run out of clean shirts you cannot just wear a skirt on top and call it an outfit. Can someone please inform Mr. Brown of this rule?


Yigal Azrouel



Fashion can be an exclusionary game. If you happen to be a beekeeper or a nun, you may have felt especially excluded. But, no more! Fear not, beekeeping nuns, Yigal Azrouel has a high fashion option for you! Let’s all breathe a collective sigh of relief.


Juan Carlos Obando



The thing about this one is that the clothes are actually pretty great, however the animal head mannequins are TERRIFYING. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for the meeting where they came up with this idea. “Hey Juan, you know what would just take these clothes to the next level? A giant dear head!”


Jeremy Scott



If you’re looking for an overpriced MC Hammer Halloween costume, you can thank me later. If you’re looking for something you might actually wear out in public, you should probably look elsewhere.