Top Five Reasons to Shop for Vintage Clothing

by admin

Top Five Reasons to Shop for Vintage Clothing

It’s Friday and you will most likely do at least some shopping this weekend, so we’d like to give you a few good reasons to shop for vintage clothing instead of going out to the retail stores. Keep in mind as you read these that you are just a click away (two clicks actually) from our main LA Vintage Web site where you can find a vast selection of vintage dresses, shoes, outerwear, and accessories.

Here’s our top five:

1. Prices: Definitely the number one reason why both women and men choose to shop vintage instead of retail. The prices are at least 50 percent lower for quality items and often much less than that. In today’s difficult economic climate it’s wise to be frugal.

2. Selection: When you go to a retail store you are stuck with whatever styles happen to be “in” at that particular time. Retailers have no choice. They buy everything in bulk and they have to make sure that what they have in stock will sell, so they order what appeals to the largest consumer demographic. Vintage clothing sites offer a wider selection because shoppers are looking for something different.

3. Individuality: Vintage clothing offers shoppers an opportunity to find items of clothing that fit their individual personalities. With decades of different styles to choose from, there is generally something for everybody. It doesn’t matter what generation you come from. Vintage clothing can give you an opportunity to be yourself and stand out, not just blend in as another face in the crowd.

4. Comfort: Faded and worn blue jeans, comfortable dresses from the 70s and 80s, flannel shirts, old t-shirts, and broken-in shoes are just some of the many items of vintage clothing that offer a level of comfort not found when you shop at the mall.

5. Sex Appeal:
You may not have thought of this one. What is sexy? How about a person who doesn’t throw money around to impress others, appreciates variety, expresses her or his individuality, and dresses in comfortable clothing that enhances the look and feel of self-confidence. Is that sexy? That sounds like someone who shops for and wears vintage clothing.

Convinced? Click on “About LA Vintage” and then click the LA Vintage Logo to start shopping. Enjoy yourself, pick out whatever you like, and then go out and enjoy your weekend without having to stand in line at the mall.