Top Five Vintage Shops in East London

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Top Five Vintage Shops in East London

East London has endless vintage shopping options that make it awfully hard for a new fashionista to know where to begin. However, there are a few shops that stand out with their originality, selection, quality, and service. Visiting these shops will make you realize few things very quickly: there is no better therapy than shopping, clothes make you tremendously cheerful, and your bank account is not always big enough to accommodate all your needs and desires.

Here are some of our favorite shops in East London:

The Dressing Room
Entering the shop will soon give you the feeling you just arrive to an old, trendy disco club. The interior includes retro lighting sets, colorful wallpaper, and a lot of funky attitude. Browsing through the fully loaded racks you will be able to find everything from forty-year-old elegant gala dresses, silk scarves, crocodile boots and so much more! If you are looking for a branded handbag, you will be able to choose from: Fendi, Chanel, and Gucci.

Absolute Vintage
This is truly the Mecca for vintage clothing! One of the most popular shops around East London and also “the best vintage shop in London for 2008” (according to “In Style” magazine). The shop provides new stock every two days (!), enormous selection of vintage clothes, and from recently also an online shop! For those of you who were not lucky enough to be born in the UK. Absolute Vintage offers world-wide shipment. Let the spending begin!

Beyond Retro
Old school sneakers and sweat pants, prom dresses from the 1940s, handpicked blouses and many more treasures! David Beckham and Kylie Minogue are huge fans and it is not difficult to understand why: hundreds of new items arrive to the shop daily, the quality of the gourmets is excellent and clearly the shop‘s buyer has an amazing taste in clothes!

Started as a simple market stall in Camden, this vintage empire is now spreading over four stores in London!  The style of the shop is funky, joyful, quirkily and mostly unique!

Even though Rokit became tremendously popular all over London you can still be sure that if you purchase something, it will be one of a kind!

Many items from the shop reach magazine fashion spreads and TV productions. Check out their PRESS page to get inspired! 

Vintage Hart
This small, super cozy shop is the ideal place for some 50s-80s findings. Range of accessories, jewelry, hats and also some unusual looking contemporary items which will be perfect to build the most distinctive look for a night on the town! 

Now after you learned about the most interesting vintage shops in East London it is time to get your wallet and start browsing!